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By Rampart Stonebridge, updated on March 25, 2024

Yellowstone Star Forrie J Smith Opens Up After Being Kicked Off Airline

Forrie J. Smith, a celebrated actor from the hit series Yellowstone, found himself at the center of a tempest, not on screen but aboard a flight in Houston.

According to Daily Mail, Smith's refusal to sit with a masked passenger led to his removal from the plane, igniting a flurry of reactions amongst his vast following and beyond.

Forrie J. Smith, at 65, made headlines this past Saturday, and not for reasons one might expect from a revered actor. Renowned for his role as Lloyd Pierce in the drama Yellowstone, Smith has long been a figure of rugged individualism, both on-screen and off. This trait became all too real when he was ousted from an airline seat for his opposition to sitting next to a passenger donning a mask - a stance reflecting his broader resistance to COVID-19 vaccinations and masking protocols.

A Stand Against Masks Leads to Unexpected Departure

Smith, who boasts over 508,000 Instagram followers, took to the social platform to air his grievances over the incident. According to him, his predicament stemmed not from intoxication, as the airline suggested, but from genuine discomfort with the masked individual seated beside him.

"Yeah, I been drinkin'," Smith acknowledged in his post. But he staunchly refuted the notion that his alcohol consumption had rendered him incapable of flying, asserting instead that it was his stance on the masking policy that led to his ejection.

The response from Smith's following was swift and divided. While some praised his unwavering commitment to his beliefs, others voiced their disappointment, questioning the wisdom of his actions amid ongoing public health concerns. The incident in Houston, Texas, spotlighted Smith's convictions and the broader cultural conflicts surrounding pandemic measures.

Contextualizing the Controversy: Smith's Anti-Vaccination Stance

Smith's opposition to COVID-19 vaccinations is no secret. His decision not to attend the 2022 SAG Awards due to a vaccine mandate further underscores a pattern of public stands against health advisories and mandates.

"I'm not vaccinated, I will not get vaccinated," he declared in a now-infamous quote, equating his stance on human vaccinations to that concerning his pets and livestock. This uncompromising viewpoint has been a hallmark of Smith's public persona, attracting commendation and criticism.

This incident in Houston is not an isolated event but a continuation of Smith's public defiance against COVID-19 safety measures.

The CDC recommends wearing masks on public transportation to mitigate the risk of transmitting diseases, including influenza, COVID-19, and RSV, pointing to a broader context of public health guidelines in conflict with individual liberty stances.

Public Reaction and the Fallout of a Divisive Stance

The fallout from Smith's actions extends beyond the immediate reactions on social media. It highlights a deeper societal divide over the ongoing responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, reflecting in microcosm the tension between personal freedoms and collective health responsibilities.

His comparison of human vaccines to those of animals has sparked debate about the nature of immunizations and their role in public health.

Smith's notoriety and platform have amplified this moment, making it a point of contention and conversation. The controversy surrounding his removal from the flight underscores the continuing complexities in navigating pandemic-era norms, even as the world seeks a new equilibrium.

Why This Story Matters

This narrative transcends the confines of a mere incident on an aircraft. It speaks to the societal debate over health, authority, and individual rights. It underscores the ongoing negotiations between community welfare and personal freedom, a balance as precarious as it is essential.

Pondering Smith's standoff reminds one of the ongoing challenges facing society in the wake of a global pandemic. The conversations sparked by such events are crucial in navigating the path forward, emphasizing the need for dialogue, understanding, and, ultimately, reconciliation between divergent viewpoints.

Lessons to Learn From This Tragedy

1. Understand Public Health Measures: It's vital to recognize the importance of public health guidelines designed not to infringe on freedoms but to protect communities.

2. Respect for Others' Choices: Whether one agrees or disagrees with the decision to wear masks, respecting others' choices is fundamental in maintaining civil discourse.

3. Dialogue over Confrontation: Engaging in constructive dialogue about differing beliefs can lead to better understanding and solutions rather than escalation and conflict.

It's important to note that, regardless of the precautions we take, conflict can emerge. These lessons are not about placing blame but about learning how to navigate a world full of differing beliefs and practices safely.


Forrie J. Smith's experience on a flight in Houston paints a vivid portrait of the contemporary tensions between personal liberty and collective health measures. His controversial stance illuminates the broader debates consuming society in the aftermath of the pandemic. As the world grapples with these ongoing challenges, such incidents remind us of the need for empathy, respect, and understanding in forging a path forward.

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