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Woman accused of stealing Lily Collins' personal items arrested

Lily Collins fell victim to theft at a Los Angeles spa, with a suspect now facing an arrest warrant for the crime.

The incident, which unfolded in May 2022, saw Collins deprived of her engagement ring, wedding band, various electronics, and credit cards. These items were not just of high monetary value but also of immense personal significance, especially the custom-designed engagement ring gifted by her husband, Charlie McDowell.

The theft occurred at a luxury hotel's spa in Los Angeles, a place where guests would expect the utmost security and privacy.

A suspect emerges from the shadows

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office has been diligently working on the case and has recently identified the suspect as Andreea Catalina Rosca. Rosca, who is believed to have ties to Romanian organized theft syndicates, has been accused of using stolen information to craft fake identities and make extravagant purchases. An arrest warrant has been issued, marking a significant step forward in the investigation.

According to the authorities, Rosca's criminal endeavors include creating a fraudulent Washington State ID under the alias 'Nicole Morri.' This alias was allegedly used to conceal her activities and facilitate the purchase of over $67,000 worth of jewelry.

At 34 years old, with a petite frame, black hair, and brown eyes, Rosca has reportedly targeted numerous victims across the United States, with Collins being among the high-profile cases.

On the day of the theft, Collins was enjoying a relaxing spa day, unaware that her valuables were being taken. Among the stolen items was her engagement ring, a unique piece with a rose-cut diamond, worth over £65,000.

The ring was not only valuable but also held a deeply personal value, having been designed by her husband in collaboration with Irene Neuwirth Jewellery.

The heartbreak of a stolen treasure

Lily Collins has openly expressed her sorrow over the loss of her treasured engagement ring. In an intimate conversation on "Live with Kelly and Ryan," she shared details about the ring's design and significance.

The emotional impact of such a personal loss has resonated with fans and followers around the world, Daily Mail reported.

Bonnie Dudeney, a private jeweler, provided her insights to HELLO! Online, speculating on the gem's characteristics and value. Her expertise underscores the ring's material and sentimental worth, which is now in the hands of an alleged criminal.

Continued pursuit of justice

Despite the time that has passed since the theft, the LA County Sheriff's office remains committed to apprehending Rosca. They have reached out to the public for assistance, hoping that someone might have information leading to her capture.

The connection to Romanian theft groups suggests a larger network at play. Further complicating the case but not deterring the efforts of law enforcement.

"The LA County Sheriff's office is seeking the public's assistance in catching the suspect, who has links to Romanian organized theft groups, cops say," a spokesperson for the Sheriff's office stated, emphasizing the need for community involvement.

The West Hollywood Sheriff's Office has urged anyone with information about Rosca to come forward. This collaborative approach between the public and the police is crucial in cases that span multiple jurisdictions.

Lessons to learn from this tragedy

While the pursuit of Rosca continues, there are valuable lessons to be gleaned from this unfortunate event:

  • Always be vigilant with personal belongings: Even in environments that seem secure.
  • Consider using additional security for valuables: Such as hotel safes or locked storage, when available.
  • Stay informed about the methods used by organized theft groups to protect personal information.
  • Report any suspicious activity or individuals to local authorities to help prevent such crimes.

It's important to remember that despite taking precautions, anyone can become a victim of theft. We must avoid victim-blaming and instead focus on supporting those affected by crime.

Why this story matters

This story is a stark reminder that crime can affect anyone, regardless of status or situation.

It highlights the importance of community awareness and the role of the public in aiding law enforcement.

The theft from Lily Collins is not just about the loss of valuables but also about the violation of personal space and security. It's a call to action for all of us to be more vigilant and supportive of victims.


The theft of Lily Collins' valuables serves as a sobering reminder of the persistence of organized crime and the vulnerability of personal possessions. Key aspects of the story include:

  • Lily Collins' engagement ring and other valuables were stolen from a Los Angeles spa in May 2022.
  • Andreea Catalina Rosca is the identified suspect with an arrest warrant issued.
  • Rosca is linked to Romanian organized theft groups and has allegedly used stolen information to forge identities.
  • The police are seeking public assistance to locate Rosca.

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