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 November 20, 2023

USPS crime ring caught: $24 million in checks stolen

A shocking scheme involving stolen checks worth over $24 million has recently been unraveled, implicating a US Postal Service employee and two others.

In a detailed operation by the U.S. Attorney's Office, three individuals were arrested for allegedly pilfering a vast amount of checks from the mail and vending them online.

The postal worker, Nakedra Shannon, 29, held a position as a mail processing clerk at a distribution center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her arrest, along with the arrests of two accomplices, Donnell Gardner, 27, and Desiray Carter, 24, has brought to light a massive criminal enterprise.

Inside the Check Theft Operation

From April to July 2023, Shannon, Gardner, and Carter reportedly embarked on their illicit journey. They allegedly commenced stealing incoming and outgoing checks from the mail, a heist that spanned several months.

It was Carter who managed the online aspect of this scheme. Operating under the pseudonym "SW1PER," Carter handled the sales of these stolen checks on the Telegram channel "OG Glass House," a name that has now become synonymous with this large-scale theft.

The trio's operation was not minor by any means. They are accused of stealing checks totaling over $24 million, a staggering amount that reveals the extent of their alleged criminal activities.

The Financial Trail and Undercover Operation

Of the pilfered amount, over $12 million in checks were posted for sale on Telegram. This included over $8 million in stolen U.S. Treasury checks, making the case even more grave due to the involvement of government funds.

The profit from this illegal enterprise was split between the perpetrators. Carter and Shannon received half of the earnings, while Gardner was entitled to the other half. This division of proceeds indicates a well-organized and thought-out plan.

An undercover operation by law enforcement officers played a crucial role in unraveling this scheme. Posing as buyers, they were directed by Carter to a Bitcoin wallet and a CashApp account, unveiling the digital footprint of this criminal venture.

Arrests and Charges Brought Forward

July 2023 marked the end of this illicit operation with the arrest of Shannon, Gardner, and Carter. The charges brought against them are serious and reflect the gravity of their alleged crimes.

The three face charges of theft of government property, conspiracy to commit financial institution fraud, and possession of stolen mail. Additionally, Shannon, due to her role as a postal employee, faces the charge of theft of mail.

According to a statement released by the U.S. Attorney's Office, Western District of North Carolina, these arrests highlight a significant breach in the trust placed in postal workers and the integrity of the postal system.

A Deep Dive into the Criminal Proceedings

As per the U.S. Attorney's Office's statement:

The postal worker, Nakedra Shannon, 29, was employed by the USPS as a mail processing clerk at a processing and distribution center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Shannon allegedly worked alongside two co-conspirators, Donnell Gardner, 27, and Desiray Carter, 24, to steal incoming and outgoing checks from April to July 2023. The co-conspirators then sold the checks through the Telegram channel “OG Glass House.”

This case is not just about the theft of checks. It represents a significant breach of public trust and highlights vulnerabilities in the postal system. The involvement of a postal employee in such a scheme is particularly alarming, as it undermines the reliability of a service that millions depend on daily.

The Wider Implications of the Case

The amount of money involved in this scheme is staggering. The trio managed to obtain hundreds of thousands in criminal proceeds, a testament to the scale and audacity of their operation. This case is a sobering reminder of the lengths to which individuals may go for financial gain and the importance of vigilance in safeguarding public and government assets.

The involvement of digital platforms in this scheme, particularly the use of a Telegram channel to sell stolen checks, points to a growing trend of technology being used for criminal activities. This aspect of the case underscores the need for more stringent monitoring and security measures in digital communication platforms.

As the case proceeds, it will undoubtedly shed more light on the methods and motives behind this elaborate scheme. It also raises questions about the security measures in place at postal facilities and the need for more robust checks and balances to prevent such occurrences in the future.

Conclusion and Public Response

In conclusion, this case serves as a stark reminder of the potential for criminal activities within seemingly trustworthy systems. The theft of over $24 million worth of checks by a postal worker and her accomplices is not only a crime against the victims but also a betrayal of public trust.

The investigation and subsequent arrests demonstrate the effectiveness of law enforcement in uncovering and dealing with such complex schemes. However, it also highlights the need for continuous improvement in security measures both in postal services and digital platforms.

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  • Nakedra Shannon, a USPS employee, along with Donnell Gardner and Desiray Carter, were arrested for stealing over $24 million worth of checks.
  • They sold these checks on a Telegram channel, leading to their arrest following an undercover operation.
  • The case has raised serious concerns about security in the postal system and the use of digital platforms for criminal activities.
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