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“Three’s Company” Actress Suzanne Somers dead at 76

Suzanne Somers, beloved actress and health advocate, passed away peacefully just a day before her 77th birthday.

Beloved actress and advocate for health and wellness, Suzanne Somers, passed away early Sunday morning on October 15th, surrounded by her family. This heart-wrenching news came just a day before her 77th birthday, a day that her family had planned to celebrate her life and achievements.

Suzanne's longstanding career began in the late 1960s and the early 1970s when she landed small acting roles. Her fame skyrocketed with her portrayal of Chrissy Snow on the hit show "Three's Company."

Her commitment to the arts didn't stop there. Post "Three's Company," Somers continued to make waves in the entertainment industry with various ventures, from headlining Las Vegas productions to starring in "Step-by-Step."

Touching tributes and memories shared

On the eve of her passing, her husband of 46 years, Alan Hamel, gifted Suzanne with a poem he had penned for her birthday, as reported by MSN.

The love story between Somers and Hamel is one of the books. The couple had a solid relationship that spanned over five decades, having dated for ten years before tying the knot. Her legacy will be carried on by Hamel, their son Bruce, stepchildren Stephen and Leslie, and their six grandchildren.

Her impact on the industry was evident with numerous celebrities paying tribute to the late actress on social media. Barry Manilow, Goldie Hawn, Morgan Fairchild, Caitlyn Jenner, Viola Davis, Khloe Kardashian, and Bethenny Frankel are just a few who shared their condolences and memories of Somers.

Reunions, recollections, and reflections

Joyce DeWitt, a co-star from "Three's Company," has shared her grief publicly, “My heart goes out to Suzanne’s family,” and “I’m sure Suzanne was greeted by Angels into the loving wisdom waiting for all of us on the other side.”

DeWitt and Somers had their differences during their time on "Three's Company," but they reconciled in 2012 on the set of Somers's talk show, "Breaking Through." During the segment, they looked back at past events and expressed mutual admiration for each other.

The legacy of "Three's Company" persists. In a recent country music video by the Davisson Brothers Band, there's a homage to the show, showcasing a late-'70s photo of John Ritter, DeWitt, and Somers as their iconic characters.

Brave battles and endless endeavors

Outside of acting, Somers was an emblem of health and fitness. She launched a health, beauty, and fitness empire and wrote numerous books on health topics. Her advocacy stemmed, in part, from personal experience.

Somers was diagnosed with cancer in 2000 and had previously fought skin cancer. Earlier this year, she revealed that her breast cancer had returned, AOL reported.

In remembrance, a private burial for Suzanne will be held this week, followed by a memorial in November.

Lessons to learn from this tragedy

  • Cherish every moment: Life is unpredictable. Suzanne's husband wrote her a touching poem, not knowing it would be their last shared moment. Every interaction can be meaningful.
  • Prioritize health: Somers, despite her battles with cancer, always advocated for health and wellness. It's crucial to be proactive about our well-being.
  • Reconciliation is possible: The reunion of DeWitt and Somers shows that it's never too late to mend broken relationships.
  • Legacy lives on: Whether through her roles, health advocacy, or personal relationships, Somers's impact remains. It's a reminder that our actions and how we treat others can leave a lasting legacy.

Why Suzanne's story resonates with many

Suzanne Somers wasn't just an actress; she was a beacon of hope for many battling health issues. Her advocacy for health and wellness gave many the motivation to prioritize their well-being. Her resilience in battling cancer, not once but multiple times, is a testament to her strength and determination.

Moreover, her roles on-screen brought joy and entertainment to countless households. Her character, Chrissy Snow, became a household name, and her subsequent work only solidified her place in Hollywood.

The story of her reconciliation with Joyce DeWitt provides a lesson in forgiveness, reminding us all of the importance of mending broken relationships. Their reunion showcases the possibility of healing and the importance of cherishing connections.

Finally, the love story between Somers and Hamel, spanning over five decades, serves as a testament to enduring love. Their relationship, filled with its ups and downs, stands as a beacon of hope for many, reminding us of the beauty of companionship.

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