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 October 21, 2023

‘The Arrow’ star calls on the nations help after his friend goes missing

David Andrew McLean, a North Vancouver resident, has been reported missing, triggering public appeals including one from Canadian actor Stephen Amell.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has recently ramped up their efforts to locate David Andrew McLean, who was last spotted in the 5600 block of Kingsway Avenue in Burnaby, BC. Distinctly, McLean was seen driving a 2001 Blue Volkswagen Golf. Concerns have grown over his sudden and unexplained disappearance.

As per the RCMP's official statement, McLean, a Caucasian male with striking green eyes, was wearing an army green jacket combined with a black shirt when he was last seen.

He was reported missing on October 13th, 2023, though he was last sighted four days earlier on October 9th.

Actor Stephen Amell's heartfelt plea

Stephen Amell, best known for his role in "Arrow", took to social media to express his concerns for his friend McLean.

He urged the public to come forth with any relevant information regarding David's whereabouts, Yahoo reported.

Amell requested everyone to show respect by only commenting if they had valid details that could assist in locating McLean. He shared a Facebook post from McLean's mother, furthering his appeal.

Mother's anguished words on social media

Ceci Snow, McLean's mother, poured out her feelings on the sudden disappearance of her son. She expressed her gratitude to all those who disseminated the Missing Persons report about David.

Emotionally, Snow shared a recent image of McLean taken a month before at his 50th birthday celebration.

Cst. Mansoor Sahak of the RCMP reinforced the police's dedication to finding McLean. He stated their Investigation Support Team has taken over the case and is actively pursuing leads.

The RCMP has emphasized that while no foul play is currently suspected, the sudden disappearance is very out of character for McLean. As a result, they consider him to be at risk and express deep concern for his safety, as reported by People.

Lessons to learn from this tragedy

  • Always let someone close know your whereabouts and expected return time.
  • Maintain periodic contact with loved ones, even with a simple message, to ensure they know you're safe.
  • If venturing into unfamiliar areas, try to go with a companion or group.
  • Keep personal identification and emergency contact information on you at all times.

However, it's imperative to understand that, despite all precautions, unfortunate incidents can occur. It is never the victim's fault, and our focus should remain on support, understanding, and prevention.

Why the public is deeply invested

The combined voices of the police, a celebrated actor, and a distraught mother have resonated deeply with the public. When notable figures like Stephen Amell use their platform to shed light on such issues, it amplifies the concern and the urgency of the matter.

Furthermore, the transparency and regular updates provided by the RCMP encourage public engagement. The vast majority feels a shared responsibility to ensure the safe return of fellow citizens, especially when the situation is as dire as a sudden disappearance.

Lastly, social media's reach in today's interconnected world cannot be understated. A single shared post can potentially be seen by millions, increasing the chances of locating the missing person.

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