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Steve Lawrence Dead At 88 After Battle With Alzheimer's Disease

The world of easy-listening music has lost one of its most cherished voices, Steve Lawrence, who died at the age of 88.

Lawrence's passing marks the end of an era in the music industry, with a career that illuminated the golden age of entertainment, as Variety.

Lawrence, a distinguished presence in the easy-listening genre, breathed his last on Thursday in Los Angeles. The voice that once filled the airwaves with silky tunes succumbed to complications from Alzheimer's disease. This debilitating condition brought his touring days to an end in 2019, concluding a journey that spanned over six decades.

The Early Years of Steve and Eydie

Born Sidney Liebowitz in Brooklyn on July 8, 1935, Lawrence's venture into music alongside his stage and life partner, Eydie Gormé, began on The Tonight Show with Steve Allen in 1954.

It was a collaboration that would enchant audiences for decades. Their partnership, both professional and personal, was sealed with vows in Las Vegas in 1957.

The duo's career was a timeline of milestones and memories. In the year 1962, Lawrence as a solo artist hit the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 with "Go Away Little Girl," a moment that underscored his influence in music. Fast forward to 1964, and he received a Tony nomination for his role in What Makes Sammy Run, proving his versatility as an artist.

Signature Songs and Acting Roles

"I've Gotta Be Me," a song from the 1968 Broadway musical Golden Rainbow, became synonymous with Lawrence. His inclination towards music that featured melodic and intelligent lyrics distinguished him from his contemporaries. Lawrence also dabbled in acting, showcasing his talent in The Blues Brothers movie and on TV shows like The Nanny.

Reflecting on their music and relationship, Lawrence once shared, "I'm very thankful that Eydie and I, not only do we have a great love, (but) a great friendship." This sentiment was palpable in their performances, both on stage and screen.

A Legacy Remembered

As the news of Lawrence's death spreads, tributes from friends, fans, and family members have begun to pour in. Carol Burnett, a longtime friend, expressed how she considered Steve's family. "He will always be in my heart," she stated, encapsulating the sentiments of many who admired Lawrence.

Dionne Warwick, mourning the loss, remarked, "Steve now has joined his true love, his wife Eydie, and is resting with comfort in the arms of the Heavenly Father." A touching nod to the enduring love story between Steve and Eydie that captivated the world.

The Family He Leaves Behind

Lawrence is survived by a family that cherishes his legacy. His son, David Lawrence, an Emmy-nominated composer, reflects, "My Dad was an inspiration to many people. But to me, he was just this charming, handsome, hysterically funny guy who sang a lot." A sentiment that underscores the personal loss behind the public figure's passing.

The funeral services will be private, a testament to the family's desire for solace during this time. They've requested donations be made to an Alzheimer's organization, honoring Lawrence's battle with the disease and his legacy in music.

Why This Story Matters

The loss of Lawrence is not just the end of a chapter in music history; it's a poignant reminder of the impact one artist can have on the world. His journey through music and life inspires those who dream of making a mark on the world.

Through his melodies, Lawrence shared with us the beauty of being ourselves, making his legacy one that will resonate for generations to come.

In conclusion, the passing of Steve Lawrence is a profound loss to the music industry and to all who were moved by his talent and grace.

From his rise to fame alongside Eydie Gormé to his successful solo career, Lawrence's life was a testament to the power of music to connect us all.

His battle with Alzheimer's disease, leading to his retirement in 2019, adds a somber note to his legacy, reminding us of the fragility of life.

Lawrence's commitment to his art and his love story with Gormé will continue to inspire, even as the music world mourns one of its brightest stars.

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