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South Carolina Dad Arrested For Murder Decades After Crying On Live TV

In a shocking twist to a decades-old case, Victor Lee Turner, accompanied by his wife Megan, faces murder charges for the death of his son, Justin Turner, dating back to 1989.

A long-standing mystery unraveled, revealing a father and stepmother as the alleged culprits in the murder of 5-year-old Justin Turner.

In 1989, the nation watched in horror as Victor Lee Turner appeared on television, seemingly distraught after discovering the lifeless body of his son.

His emotional outcry, "My son's in there. Somebody's hurt him," was a moment that etched itself in the collective memory of viewers. However, recent forensic advancements have drastically altered the narrative of this tragedy, leading to the arrest of Victor and his wife, Megan Turner.

The timeline reveals a grim story

The saga began on March 3, 1989, when young Justin was found strangled and sexually assaulted in a family camper. The boy's body, hidden inside a cabinet, presented a horrific scene. Initially, the case baffled authorities, remaining unsolved for nearly 35 years. The breakthrough came when advanced scientific and forensic methods linked the Turners to the crime.

At the time of the incident, Victor's reaction to finding Justin's body was captured on live television, a detail that later became a focal point in the arrest warrants. The image of a grieving father, now cast under a shadow of doubt, has sent ripples through the community and beyond.

Berkeley County Sheriff Duane Lewis, reflecting on the case, described it as both "tragic" and "horrendous." His words underscore the gravity of a crime that robbed a young boy of his future. Sheriff Lewis, in his statement, lamented the life that Justin could have led, a narrative cut tragically short.

A breakthrough in forensic evidence

The key piece of evidence that reignited the case was a ligature found in the Turners' home. It matched the marks on Justin's body, and fibers from the ligature were consistent with the material of Justin's shirt. This discovery was pivotal in connecting the Turners to the crime, leading to their eventual arrest.

Investigators believe Justin's body was hidden shortly after his death, which likely occurred near the time he was last seen. This detail adds a chilling layer to the case, as it suggests a calculated effort to conceal the crime.

In an unexpected development, Megan Turner, initially a suspect, faced no charges in 1990 due to insufficient evidence. However, the persistence of law enforcement and advancements in forensic science eventually led to her arrest alongside her husband.

Victim's family speaks out in court

Amy Parsons, Justin's cousin, addressed the Turners during a court appearance, her words echoing the pain and betrayal felt by the family. She condemned their actions, stating, "For 35 years you have enjoyed your freedom... You do not deserve one day outside of those prison walls for what you did to Justin."

As the case progresses, the Turners face the possibility of life imprisonment if convicted. This outcome would bring a semblance of justice to a case that has haunted the community for decades.

Sheriff Lewis's reflections on Justin's potential life further highlight the tragedy of this case. He imagined a different trajectory for Justin, one where he could have "graduated high school, went to college, got married, had a child, been a productive citizen." Such musings bring into sharp relief the loss experienced not just by Justin's family, but by society at large.

Why this story matters

The significance of this case extends beyond its shocking nature; it serves as a reminder of the capabilities and limitations of our justice system. Despite the passing of decades, continued advancements in forensic science can breathe new life into cold cases, offering hope for unresolved mysteries. This story underscores the importance of perseverance in the pursuit of justice, regardless of how much time has passed.

Moreover, it highlights the evolving nature of crime-solving techniques and the crucial role they play in providing closure to families of victims. The Turner case exemplifies how truth can eventually surface, reinforcing the adage that justice may be delayed, but it should never be denied.

Lessons to learn from this tragedy

1. Always remain vigilant and observant in your community. If something seems amiss, it's important to trust your instincts and possibly report your observations.

2. It's crucial to understand the signs of domestic issues or child abuse. While it's not always obvious, being aware of subtle signs could potentially save lives.

3. The importance of advancements in forensic science cannot be understated. This case demonstrates how technological progress in this field can bring long-awaited justice.

4. Remember, despite our best efforts to stay safe, crime can happen to anyone. It's vital not to blame the victim or their family, as they are often the ones suffering the most.

Finally, this case serves as a stark reminder that no matter how secure we feel, danger can lurk close to home. It's imperative to maintain a supportive community network and to be aware of resources available for those in need.


  • Victor and Megan Turner face charges for the 1989 murder of Justin Turner, following a breakthrough in forensic evidence.
  • The case remained unsolved for nearly 35 years until recent scientific advancements linked the Turners to the murder.
  • Amy Parsons, Justin's cousin, condemned the Turners in court, reflecting the family's long-held pain and desire for justice.
  • The significance of this case lies in its demonstration of the evolving nature of forensic science and its impact on solving cold cases.

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