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Snoop Dogg Provides Health Update After Daughter Has ‘Severe Stroke’

The health struggles of Cori Broadus, daughter of renowned rapper Snoop Dogg, have recently taken a positive turn following a severe stroke and significant kidney problems.

Cori Broadus, 24, endured a challenging journey with a stroke and kidney issues, sparking concerns and support from her family and the public.

Cori, diagnosed with lupus at the tender age of six, recently shifted from her usual medication to a more natural treatment regimen. This decision came just months before she faced these severe health challenges. Her father, Snoop Dogg, real name Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., is 52 years old and has been open about his daughter's condition.

Brave battle with lupus since childhood

Cori's lupus diagnosis in her early years has been a significant part of her life. Lupus, an autoimmune disease, often requires continuous medical attention and can lead to various health complications. Cori's recent choice to cease her lupus medication and adopt natural health remedies marked a significant turn in her treatment journey.

Despite the risks, Cori was optimistic about her new health approach. She embraced natural alternatives, including herbs, sea moss, and teas, combined with lifestyle changes like increased water intake and regular exercise. Her decision was a testament to her desire to explore different paths in managing her condition.

Cori's openness about her health struggles has been a source of inspiration and awareness. She has used her platform on Instagram to share updates about her condition, hospitalization, and recovery progress, offering a raw and personal insight into her life.

Support and love in difficult times

The support from her family, particularly her father, has been unwavering. Snoop Dogg's recent statement at the premiere of "Underdoggs" revealed that Cori was "doing a little bit better," offering a glimmer of hope to her well-wishers. His words were a comforting reassurance to fans and supporters alike.

In her own words on Instagram, Cori expressed her gratitude and optimism, saying:

God is working overtime you hear me! My kidneys were doing terrible…doctors came in this AM and said they are improving so much. I've been good, better than I've ever been. I stopped taking all of my medication like five months ago. I'm just doing everything natural, all types of herbs, sea moss, teas. I started working out, drinking lots of water.

Cori's journey has not been without mental health challenges. She has bravely shared her experiences with mental health struggles and a past suicide attempt, highlighting the often overlooked aspect of chronic illness - the mental and emotional toll it takes.

Personal milestones amidst health challenges

Amidst her health challenges, Cori celebrated a personal milestone - her engagement to Wayne Duece in 2022. The joyous occasion was a bright spot in a difficult time, and Wayne's support has been evident. Cori's engagement brought a sense of normalcy and happiness during a tumultuous period.

Cori's approach towards her health, including her turn towards natural treatments, has been a subject of interest and discussion. Her journey highlights the complexities and decisions faced by those living with chronic conditions like lupus.

The support Cori received from her family, friends, and followers has been a crucial part of her recovery. The encouragement and love shown to her in these times of need demonstrate the power of a supportive community in facing health battles.

Lessons to learn from this tragedy

Cori Broadus' health journey offers several lessons:

  1. Continuous medical supervision is important, especially when making significant changes in treatment for chronic conditions.
  2. The a need to balance traditional and alternative medicine, understanding the risks and benefits of each.
  3. The crucial role of mental health awareness and support for individuals dealing with chronic illnesses.
  4. Emphasizing the power of community and family support in navigating health challenges.

It is vital to remember that despite taking precautions, health issues can occur to anyone, and we should never blame the victim for their struggles.

Why this story matters

This story is significant for the community as it sheds light on the challenges faced by individuals with chronic illnesses. It emphasizes the importance of mental health support and the impact of personal decisions on overall well-being. Cori Broadus' story is a reminder of the complexities of health management and the resilience required to navigate such journeys.

  • Cori Broadus, aged 24, suffered a stroke and experienced severe kidney problems.
  • She chose a natural approach to her lupus treatment, which she has been battling since age six.
  • Her father, Snoop Dogg, provided updates on her improving condition.
  • Cori's openness about her mental health and physical struggles has been a source of inspiration.

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