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 November 8, 2023

Republican candidate dies after collapsing at polling station

A former councilman and current candidate, David "Red" Worrall, tragically died after collapsing at a polling station on Election Day.It was a day meant for democracy and civic engagement, but for the town of Clarksville, Indiana, November 8, 2023, turned to sorrow. David "Red" Worrall, a familiar face in local politics, suffered a fatal collapse while engaging with constituents at the Renaissance Academy's polling station.

Known for his past service and current aspirations on the town council, Worrall's sudden passing has left the community in mourning.

Worrall, 59, was not just a public figure in Clarksville but a business owner, running an automotive and machine shop in the town. His commitment to Clarksville was evident through his previous tenure as District 3's councilman and his dedication to standing for election again despite recent health struggles.

His entrepreneurial and civic spirit was a hallmark of his character, deeply engrained in the town's fabric.

A beloved candidate's final campaign

During the last election cycle, health issues had hindered Worrall's ability to campaign effectively. However, he had decided to run once more, bolstered by the encouragement of local groups and a renewed sense of vigor. He had declared that this time he felt up to the task, eager to reconnect with the community and resume his efforts in public service.

As voters cast their ballots, Worrall was present outside the polling station, greeting and conversing with residents—a testament to his hands-on approach to politics. Tragically, it was here, amongst the citizens he wished to serve, that Worrall's health took a turn for the worse, and he collapsed, prompting immediate emergency responses.

Rushed to the hospital, and efforts to save him were unsuccessful. The news of his death was confirmed later that day, shocking those who knew him as a dedicated and passionate member of the Clarksville community.

Community mourns a passionate public servant

The town of Clarksville conveyed its profound sadness through a heartfelt press release and social media posts. They extended their deepest sympathies to Worrall's family and friends, a gesture that rippled through the town as residents processed the loss of a figure who had been a familiar presence in their lives.

Within the town's announcement, there was a pervasive sense of loss for a man who had given so much of himself to public service. "David's dedication to our community was truly commendable," the statement read, reflecting the high esteem in which he was held.

In addition to the official statements, the community took to social media to share their personal anecdotes of Worrall, painting a picture of a man deeply committed to his town. The loss was felt not just in the political realm but in the day-to-day life of Clarksville, where Worrall's absence would be noticed.

An enduring legacy in Clarksville

While Worrall's untimely departure leaves a vacancy in the council's roster, it is the gap in the community's heart that feels more acute. As an individual who had once again thrown his hat in the ring for public office, his enthusiasm for his town's future was unmistakable. His legacy, according to town officials, will live on in the community he served and the positive changes he helped usher in.

Clarksville officials praised Worrall's relentless pursuit of what he believed would benefit the town, emphasizing that his impact went beyond politics. "We will never forget his passion for public service and his unwavering desire to create positive change in our Town," their message continued, underscoring the void his passing leaves in the community's collective efforts toward improvement.

In his own words, Worrall had expressed determination to overcome the obstacles that previously held him back. He wanted to be an active participant in shaping the town he loved—a goal that, despite his sudden passing, remains a testament to his life's work, "The last election I had some health issues that held me back from getting out and working and talking to people in the neighborhoods, so this time I feel up to the task of making another run to get elected and serve the fine people of this great town."

Lessons to learn from this tragedy

In light of this unexpected event, there are several poignant lessons to be gleaned:

  • The vitality of community involvement: Worrall's life reminds us of the importance of engaging with our local community and striving for its betterment.
  • The unpredictability of life: Regardless of one's health history:  Life can take unforeseen turns, and this event underscores the necessity of cherishing every moment.
  • The value of public service: Worrall's dedication to Clarksville illustrates the profound impact that committed public servants can have on their communities.
  • Health considerations in public roles: While Worrall's passing was sudden, it raises awareness about the importance of health and well-being for those in demanding public positions.

It's crucial to recognize that despite taking all precautions, unforeseen events can occur, and it is never the victim's fault. David "Red" Worrall's story, while heartbreaking, serves as a reminder of these truths.

Why this story matters

The loss of David "Red" Worrall is more than a news headline; it is a narrative that resonates deeply within the community of Clarksville.

It underscores the fragility of life and the impact one individual can have on a town's spirit. His passing not only marks the loss of a public servant but also reminds us of our shared humanity and the unpredictable nature of our existence.

This story is a somber reflection on the dedication and passion that drive our community leaders and the void they leave behind.


David "Red" Worrall's unexpected passing on Election Day has left the town of Clarksville in a state of shock and grief. His presence at the polling station, intent on fulfilling his civic duties, was a testament to his commitment to the community he served.

The sorrow of his loss is felt not only by those who knew him but also by the town that will remember his legacy of public service and dedication.

  • Former councilman and candidate David "Red" Worrall died after collapsing at a polling station on Election Day.
  • He was a dedicated public servant to the Clarksville community, previously serving on the town council and owning a local business.
  • The town expressed deep condolences and recognized his commitment to positive change and public service.

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