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 December 23, 2023

Report: Iran offered thousands for assassination of British news stars

In a shocking revelation, Iranian operatives orchestrated a failed assassination plot targeting two Iranian-born journalists in London. This nefarious act was part of a larger scheme aimed at intimidating Iranian dissidents worldwide.

An intricate plan, involving Iranian spies and a human smuggler, was devised to eliminate journalists Sima Sabet and Fardad Farahzad, both associated with Iran International.

The operation, codenamed "the bride and groom," initially focused on a car bomb attack at the TV studio. However, the plan later shifted to knife attacks at the journalists' residences. This change of strategy was driven by Iran's desire for plausible deniability, intending to use a local criminal for the execution.

Double agent disrupts assassination plot

In a twist of fate, the human smuggler, whom Iranian spies offered $200,000 for the assassination, was a double agent working for Western intelligence. This unforeseen development led to the exposure and foiling of the assassination plot. The connection between the smuggler and Western intelligence dates back to 2016 when he was contacted by the IRGC for shipping services, unbeknownst to them about his dual role.

Iran's plot, as revealed, was not a spur-of-the-moment decision. It had been in development since 2022 when Iran International's journalistic endeavors evidently irked the Iranian regime. The station's critical reporting and stance on Iran's policies made its journalists prime targets for the regime's aggression.

The journalists' reaction to the thwarted plot

Fardad Farahzad, one of the targeted journalists, expressed shock and disbelief upon learning about the specific threat against him. "I didn’t know there was a specific threat against me until now. Hearing it firsthand makes it more real. It’s shocking to see people who are casually talking about harming me," he stated.

"The fact that they tried to kill me shows I did my job well, I was effective... I didn’t betray people and I stood with them, even with my life on the line" said Sima Sabet, the targeted journalist.

Sima Sabet, the other journalist in the crosshairs, found a silver lining in the disturbing development. She viewed the assassination attempt as a validation of her effective journalism and unwavering dedication to the truth.

Iran's ongoing intimidation campaign

The assassination plot was more than just an isolated incident; it was a part of Iran's broader campaign to silence dissent. By targeting prominent voices like Sabet and Farahzad, the regime aimed to send a chilling message to other dissidents and critics. This tactic of intimidation serves as a stark reminder of the lengths to which authoritarian regimes will go to suppress opposition.

Following the exposure of the plot, Iran International made a strategic move in 2022. The news organization relocated its UK operations to the United States, seeking a safer environment for its journalists and staff. This relocation underscores the serious nature of the threats faced by those who dare to speak out against the Iranian regime.

ITV's revelation in December 2023 about the foiled plot brought this alarming issue to the forefront of international attention. It highlighted the precarious situation of Iranian dissidents living abroad and the relentless pursuit of their suppression by the Iranian regime.

Lessons to learn from this tragedy

1. Vigilance is Key: It's crucial to stay alert and informed, especially for individuals who may be targeted due to their profession or political views.

2. The Importance of Intelligence Networks: This incident underscores the vital role of intelligence networks in thwarting such nefarious plans.

3. The Power of the Press: Despite threats, the press must continue to operate fearlessly, highlighting the importance of freedom of expression and journalism.

4. No one is immune: While we can take steps to protect ourselves, this incident serves as a reminder that crime can happen to anyone, and victim-blaming is never acceptable.

Why this story matters

This story is a stark reminder of the challenges faced by journalists and dissenters in the face of authoritarian regimes. It highlights the importance of a free press in exposing and countering such threats. The incident also serves as a wake-up call for societies to protect and value the voices that dare to speak truth to power.

In conclusion, the foiled assassination plot against Iranian-born journalists in London is a harrowing tale of espionage, betrayal, and the relentless pursuit of freedom of speech. As we absorb the details of this story, let's remember the courage of those who risk their lives for the truth.

  • Iranian spies attempted to hire a human smuggler to assassinate journalists Sima Sabet and Fardad Farahzad.
  • The smuggler turned out to be a double agent, thwarting the plot.
  • The journalists were targeted as part of a broader campaign to intimidate Iranian dissidents.
  • The journalists' courageous response underscores the importance of free speech and journalistic integrity.

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