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Racing Legend Don Schumacher Dead at 79

The racing world mourns the loss of a remarkable icon, Don Schumacher.

Don Schumacher, a revered figure in drag racing, passed away at 79 after a valiant fight with lung cancer.

Don Schumacher's journey in motorsports began in the 1960s, marking him as a dominant force in the Funny Car category. His prowess on the track during the 60s and 70s is still remembered by racing enthusiasts. In the early 1970s, Schumacher took a hiatus from racing to focus on his business, Schumacher Electric, which he expanded successfully.

A legacy in racing and innovation

1998 marked a significant year in Schumacher's life; he returned to the world of drag racing. This time, he wasn't just a driver but an owner of a new race team, Don Schumacher Racing (DSR). The team debuted at the prestigious U.S. Nationals in 1998 and began its journey to becoming a racing powerhouse.

Don Schumacher Racing, under his leadership, achieved unprecedented success. They clinched 19 NHRA championships and won 367 Wally trophies, a testament to Schumacher's vision and tenacity. As a driver, Schumacher not only raced but also contributed to safety innovations, including escape hatches and fire suppression systems in cars.

Contributions beyond the track

Schumacher's influence wasn't confined to the racetrack. As an owner, he played a pivotal role in developing a protective canopy for Top Fuel dragsters, enhancing driver safety significantly. His commitment to safety has left an indelible mark on the sport.

Alongside his racing endeavors, Schumacher was dedicated to philanthropy. His team actively raised funds for various charities, including Riley Hospital for Children, demonstrating his commitment to giving back to the community.

Don Schumacher Racing team wrote:

It is with heavy hearts that the Schumacher family announce the passing of motorsports icon Don Schumacher. His teams have amassed 19 NHRA world championship titles and 367 Wally trophies, including the five he won while behind the wheel of a Funny Car.

Remembering a motorsport legend

The racing community and fans worldwide are in mourning. Schumacher's impact on drag racing is immeasurable, and his legacy will undoubtedly continue to influence the sport for years. His departure leaves a void that will be hard to fill.

Don Schumacher Racing has announced that a celebration of life ceremony will be held in the future to honor the legend. The details of this ceremony are yet to be disclosed, but it promises to be a fitting tribute to a man who gave so much to the world of motorsports.

Lessons to learn from this tragedy

Don Schumacher's life and career offer several lessons:

  1. Innovation and safety in sports: Schumacher's contributions to safety in drag racing remind us of the importance of continuous innovation for the protection of athletes.
  2. Balancing career and passion: Schumacher's ability to grow his business while nurturing his passion for racing shows the importance of balancing different aspects of life.
  3. The value of perseverance: His return to racing and subsequent success with DSR highlight the value of perseverance and dedication.
  4. Philanthropy: Schumacher's charitable efforts exemplify the impact that individuals can have on their communities. It's a reminder that success also brings the opportunity to give back.

It's important to note that despite taking all precautions, unfortunate events can occur, and it's never the victim's fault.

Why this story matters

Don Schumacher's story is significant for the community because it highlights the impact one individual can have on a sport and beyond. His innovations in racing safety have undoubtedly saved lives, and his philanthropic efforts have benefitted many. His legacy inspires aspiring athletes and entrepreneurs alike, showing that passion, innovation, and community involvement can go hand in hand.

In conclusion:

  • Don Schumacher, a legendary figure in drag racing, passed away at age 79 after battling lung cancer.
  • He was a top Funny Car driver in the 60s and 70s, later founding Don Schumacher Racing, which has won 19 NHRA championships.
  • Schumacher's contributions to safety in drag racing and his philanthropic efforts are notable aspects of his legacy.
  • A celebration of life ceremony is planned to honor his contributions to motorsports and the community.


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