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Police Shut Down Wedding Over Permit Issue

An Arizona bride's dream day turned into a nightmare when her wedding reception was abruptly shut down by local authorities.

Due to a lack of appropriate permits and noise complaints, Holliann Tran's reception at Wrangler's Roost was terminated, costing the couple nearly $10,000 and unforgettable memories.

For Holliann Tran, selecting Wrangler's Roost in New River, Arizona, for her wedding reception seemed a dream come true.

This venue, notable for its historical significance as an old Stagecoach stop listed on the National Register of Historic Places, promised an idyllic backdrop for her special day, located 30 miles outside Phoenix.

A Shocking Interruption: Police Shutdown the Celebration

However, the celebration was short-lived. Soon after the festivities began, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office stepped in, citing the venue's failure to obtain the necessary permits for the event. Adding to the dilemma were complaints from neighbors about the noise levels, which had become a long-standing issue with the property.

Bodycam footage captured the moment officers informed Tran that the music had to be silenced, and the event stopped. The sudden enforcement left guests in disbelief as the fairytale setting quickly unraveled.

The owners of Wrangler's Roost, Heidi and Reid Stewart, were not new to such controversies. Before Tran's event, they had been fined at least $70,000 and received numerous orders from the county to halt advertising and hosting events without the proper zoning and permits. Despite these clear directives, over 61 complaints have been lodged against the property since July 2021 for continuing to host illegal events.

Growing Controversy and Community Discontent

Community members, too, felt the repercussions of these unauthorized events. Marko Dapevic, a neighbor, recounted enduring noise levels in the mid-60s decibels inside his home due to the bustling activities at Wrangler’s Roost over the past five years.

Such disturbances eroded the tranquility of their residential area, signaling a flagrant disregard by the venue operators for their neighbors' peace.

Tran's wedding day in November 2022 was poised to celebrate love and union but was instead marked by disruption and loss.

The couple found themselves out nearly $10,000, a financial hit compounded by the emotional toll of seeing their meticulously planned day dissolve before their eyes. To add insult to injury, they were only able to recoup a portion of their expenses through a partial refund.

The disheartening experience was encapsulated by Tran's own words as she recounted the rapid police intervention that halted her reception. The realization that her chosen venue was, in fact, not legally recognized for such events brought her joy to an abrupt end.

Legal Implications and Owner's Noncompliance

The events leading up to the unfortunate shutdown of Tran's wedding reception unveil a troubling pattern of noncompliance by the Stewarts. In 2021, they were explicitly ordered to cease all commercial business activities at Wrangler’s Roost without the appropriate permit.

Despite clear and repeated warnings, their defiance culminated in the November 2022 incident, underscoring a blatant disregard for legal and community standards.

Statements from law enforcement and local authorities during the event highlighted the crux of the issue – Wrangler's Roost was operating a commercial business in a location not zoned for such purposes.

Sgt. Joaquin Enriquez's remarks shed light on the systemic issue of residential properties being misused for commercial gains against zoning regulations.

The narrative of Tran's wedding reception disaster serves as a poignant reminder of the collateral damage stemming from such disregard for legal procedures and community welfare.


  • Tran's wedding reception at Wrangler's Roost was shut down due to a lack of permits and noise complaints.
  • The venue faced historical compliance issues, with owners fined and ordered to cease illegal event hosting.
  • Tran suffered a significant financial and emotional loss, with only partial refunds provided.
  • The incident highlights the consequences of venue operators disregarding legal and community standards and offers critical lessons in venue selection and contingency planning.

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