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Police find child-sized doll in serial killer's home during search

During a recent search operation, law enforcement officials stumbled upon a child-sized doll in the former residence of Rex Heuermann, the man suspected of being the infamous Gilgo Beach serial killer.

The doll, discovered on a Saturday, was housed within a display case made of wood and glass, Breitbart reported. It was characterized by its light-colored hair, which was tied with a red bow, and a matching red outfit.

The eerie sight of officials delicately handling the box to extract it from the house has quickly gone viral.

The search operation was part of a broader investigation into the heinous crimes attributed to the alleged Gilgo Beach serial killer, which took place in Heuermann's childhood home.

Police speak out

A member of the police force involved in the search operation stated:

“We are thoroughly examining his residence for any potential evidence, including trophies.”

Rex Heuermann, the suspect, was finally apprehended and identified after a relentless pursuit by authorities that lasted over a decade.

The key to cracking the case came from an unexpected source - a discarded piece of pizza crust.

Hairs discovered on or near several victims were found to belong to a woman who was not among the victims. These hairs were later confirmed to be those of Heuermann’s wife.

Key Evidence Leading to Heuermann's Arrest

The identification of Heuermann was facilitated in part by DNA evidence retrieved from a pizza crust he had thrown away.

Furthermore, a witness account describing a Chevrolet Avalanche, believed to have been driven by the suspect. These pieces of evidence proved instrumental in leading investigators to him.

Rex Heuermann, a resident of Massapequa in Nassau County, is an architect by profession and a family man with a wife and two children.

He has been indicted on three counts of first-degree murder.

Victims of the Gilgo Beach Serial Killer

According to a report by Breitbart News, "Shannan Gilbert was the first of 11 victims found killed."

The authorities discovered 11 sets of human remains along a highway in Suffolk County.

The remains of a woman named Jessica Taylor were found on Ocean Parkway in March 2011.

In April of the same year, the remains of a 24-year-old woman identified as Valerie Mack, a female toddler, and a man were discovered. Two additional bodies were found in Nassau County.

What it means

  • A child-sized doll was discovered in the childhood home of Rex Heuermann, the alleged Gilgo Beach serial killer, during a search operation.
  • After a decade-long search, authorities recently identified and arrested Heuermann.
  • DNA evidence from a discarded pizza crust and a witness account of a Chevrolet Avalanche led to Heuermann's identification.
  • Rex Heuermann, an architect from Massapequa in Nassau County and a married man with two children, faces three counts of first-degree murder charges.
  • Following the disappearance of Shannan Gilbert in 2010, authorities found 11 sets of human remains along a highway in Suffolk County.

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