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Passenger Opens Plane Door And Walks On Wing

In a remarkable event, a passenger on an Aeromexico flight bound for Guatemala City, having experienced a prolonged delay on the tarmac, opened an emergency exit and walked out onto the aircraft's wing.

Last Thursday at Mexico International Airport, in a desperate move, a man frustrated by the harsh conditions on a delayed flight opened an emergency door and stepped out onto the plane's wing.

Dire conditions lead to desperate measures

Originally scheduled to depart Mexico City for Guatemala, the flight was marred by a prolonged delay exceeding three hours. This delay, caused by a maintenance issue, left passengers stranded on the tarmac without essential amenities like air conditioning and water.

As the cabin's atmosphere grew increasingly unbearable, tension and discomfort among the passengers escalated. It was under these dire circumstances that one passenger took a drastic step, ostensibly to draw attention to the hazardous situation.

At approximately 11:30 AM, three hours past the flight's scheduled departure, the man made the unprecedented decision to open the emergency exit, subsequently stepping out onto the wing. This act prompted an immediate response, resulting in the necessity of a plane change and the man's arrest.

Community reaction to a perilous situation

The passenger's actions, while extreme, garnered support from fellow travelers. A joint statement issued by the passengers emphasized their view of the incident as a protective measure against the dangerous conditions caused by the delay and lack of air.

Mexico International Airport officials confirmed that the passenger's actions had caused no harm. However, they noted that he was handed over to the police, reflecting the serious nature of security breaches in aviation.

Fellow passengers wrote:

All passengers on the flight from CDMX [Mexico City] to Guatemala [flight] AM 0672 state that the passenger on board who opened the emergency window was for the protection of everyone, with the support of everyone, since the delay and lack of air created dangerous conditions for the health of the passengers.

Legal implications and passenger safety

The legal status of the man who opened the plane's emergency door remains unclear, with uncertainty surrounding whether he remains in custody or the specific charges he may face. This ambiguity adds another layer of complexity to an already unusual situation.

The reaction on social media was swift, with a note written by fellow passengers circulating widely. They claimed that the man's actions were life-saving, reflecting the desperate state of the passengers due to the oppressive conditions aboard the aircraft.

Despite the apparent understanding and support from fellow passengers, the incident raises significant questions about airline protocols and passenger safety in situations of extended delays.

Airlines' responsibility during extended delays

Airline delays, while often unavoidable, are expected to be managed in a way that ensures passenger comfort and safety. The situation on the Aeromexico flight highlights the need for airlines to have robust contingency plans in place for such scenarios.

Airlines need to provide basic amenities like water and functioning air conditioning, especially during prolonged delays. In this case, the lack of these basic needs contributed significantly to the passenger's drastic actions.

This incident is a stark reminder of the potential consequences of airline policies not adequately addressing passenger needs during unexpected delays.

Why this story matters

The incident on the Guatemala City-bound Aeromexico flight is not just a tale of a disrupted flight but a reflection of broader issues in air travel. It underscores the importance of passenger welfare and the need for comprehensive strategies to handle unexpected delays.

This story matters as it highlights the fine balance between aviation security and passenger rights. It brings to the forefront the need for clear communication and effective management of crises by airlines.

Furthermore, it illustrates the power of collective voice, as evidenced by the support the man received from his fellow passengers. Their unified statement and social media activity demonstrate the impact of solidarity in the face of adversity.

Lastly, the story serves as a reminder of the human element in air travel. Behind every delayed flight are individuals with needs and thresholds, a fact that must be remembered and respected by all stakeholders in the aviation industry.

Lessons to learn from this tragedy

While this incident was extreme, it offers valuable safety and preparedness lessons for passengers and airlines.

  1. Passengers should always know their rights and the airline's policies regarding delays and onboard amenities. Knowledge is power in situations where you might feel helpless.
  2. Airlines must prioritize passenger safety and comfort, especially during extended delays. This includes providing essentials like water and maintaining a breathable environment.
  3. In situations of distress, communication between the crew and passengers is vital. Clear and regular updates can prevent panic and help manage expectations.
  4. It's crucial to remember that while taking action is important, safety should always be the top priority. Any response to a challenging situation should be measured and not jeopardize the safety of oneself or others.

It's important to note that crime can happen to anyone despite precautions. We should never blame the victim for the circumstances they find themselves in.


  • The incident occurred on a Guatemala City-bound plane that was delayed for hours without air conditioning or water.
  • A man was arrested after opening the emergency door and walking onto the wing at Mexico International Airport.
  • Fellow passengers supported the man's actions, viewing them as protective due to dangerous conditions caused by the delay.
  • The delay, caused by a maintenance issue, resulted in a plane change and left the man's legal status uncertain.
  • The incident raises important questions about passenger rights and airline responsibilities during extended delays.

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