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Officials ID Dead Body Found in Dumpster as Wife of Hollywood Agent’s Son

A grim discovery in a Los Angeles dumpster has revealed a tale of tragedy and mystery in the heart of Hollywood.

In a shocking turn of events, the son of a former Hollywood agent, Sam Haskell IV, is accused of the murder of his wife, Mei Haskell, and her parents, Gaoshan Li and Yanxiang Wang.

The investigation into the disappearance of Mei Haskell and her parents began with a disturbing find. On November 8, a torso, later identified as Mei's, was discovered in a Los Angeles dumpster. This gruesome discovery set off a chain of events that led to the arrest of her husband, Sam Haskell IV, on three counts of murder.

The unraveling of a family tragedy

Sam Haskell IV, the son of Sam Haskell, a notable figure in Hollywood who represented stars like George Clooney and Whoopi Goldberg, is now at the center of a criminal investigation. Sam and Mei Haskell, who shared three children, had moved to a quiet neighborhood in Tarzana in 2020, painting a picture of domestic normalcy that has now been shattered.

The timeline of the events is as chilling as it is perplexing. Mei's parents, Gaoshan Li and Yanxiang Wang, were last seen alive on November 6. Just a day later, on November 7, authorities allege that Sam Haskell hired day laborers to dispose of trash bags containing human remains. The following day, a bag containing a human torso, which would later be identified as Mei's, was found in a dumpster.

A neighbor's heartbreak

Elle Benami, a neighbor, expressed her shock and despair upon learning about the tragedy. Reflecting the sentiment of a community shaken by such a heinous act, she lamented:

My heart completely dropped. We never thought something like this could happen in our neighborhood. It's a complete shock.

These words echo the disbelief and horror that has gripped the community, underscoring the impact of this tragedy on those who knew the Haskell family.

Unanswered questions and an ongoing search

The whereabouts of Mei's parents, Gaoshan Li and Yanxiang Wang, remain unknown, adding another layer of mystery and anguish to this case. The police continue their search, hoping to provide closure to a family torn apart by violence.

This case has drawn widespread attention, not only because of the connection to Hollywood's elite but also because of the brutal nature of the crimes. The Haskell family, once a symbol of success and family values, is now embroiled in a narrative of murder and mystery.

Impact on the Tarzana Community

The community of Tarzana, where the Haskell family resided, has been deeply affected by these events. Residents speak of a sense of betrayal and fear as the safety and tranquility of their neighborhood have been irrevocably shattered.

As details of the case continue to unfold, the community struggles to come to terms with the reality that such a horrific crime could occur in their midst. The sense of loss and disbelief is palpable among those who knew the Haskell family.

Why this story matters

This story holds significant importance for the community, highlighting the often-hidden realities of domestic violence and the unpredictability of crime. It serves as a stark reminder that tragedy can strike anywhere, even in the most seemingly peaceful neighborhoods.

Moreover, this case draws attention to the importance of being vigilant and aware of one's surroundings and the need for strong community ties and support systems in times of crisis. It underscores the need for effective law enforcement and a responsive judicial system to bring perpetrators to justice and provide closure for victims and their families.

Lessons to learn from this tragedy

1. Always be aware of your surroundings: This case illustrates the importance of being vigilant and observant in your community. Noticing unusual activities and behaviors can be crucial in preventing or solving crimes.

2. Support systems are vital: Having a strong support system of friends, family, and neighbors can provide a safety net in times of need. It's essential to build and maintain these relationships.

3. Domestic violence can be hidden: This tragedy highlights that domestic violence can occur in any household, regardless of its outward appearance. Being aware of the signs and offering support to those who might be victims is crucial.

4. Never blame the victim: It's important to remember that victims of crime are never at fault. Crime can happen to anyone, and blaming the victim only perpetuates a cycle of violence and misunderstanding.


As the investigation into the Haskell case continues, the community and law enforcement remain hopeful that justice will be served and peace will be restored.

  • Sam Haskell IV, son of a former Hollywood agent, is accused of murdering his wife and her parents.
  • The investigation began with the discovery of Mei Haskell's torso in a Los Angeles dumpster.
  • Mei's parents were last seen alive on November 6.
  • Sam Haskell allegedly hired day laborers to dispose of trash bags containing human remains.
  • Sam Haskell IV was arrested on three counts of murder.
  • The whereabouts of Mei's parents remain unknown.

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