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Nationwide manhunt for Michael Burham is over - Police photos confirm

The intense nationwide manhunt for murder suspect Michael Burham has finally drawn to a close, with Pennsylvania authorities successfully apprehending him on July 15.

The tale of Michael Burham, a 34-year-old accused of murder, has been a gripping one, filled with suspense and intrigue. His daring escape from Warren County jail was nothing short of a scene from a Hollywood thriller. He cleverly used gym equipment to climb to the jail's rooftop and allegedly employed bedsheets as a makeshift rope to descend and make his escape.

Fox News has released photos of Burham at the moment of his capture. The images show him dressed in a faded T-shirt and orange prison pants worn inside out, surrounded by armed law enforcement officers. The fugitive appeared visibly "tired" and "worn out" during his arrest, a testament to the relentless pursuit by the authorities.

The Crime Spree of Michael Burham

Burham is the prime suspect in the shooting of Kala Hodgkin that occurred on May 11 in Jamestown, New York. In the aftermath of the shooting, Burham is alleged to have set a car ablaze and kidnapped a couple from Pennsylvania.

Despite the manhunt, he successfully evaded capture and was eventually apprehended in South Carolina on May 24. Following his capture, he was transported to Warren County Jail in Pennsylvania, where he executed his daring escape.

During the manhunt, state police characterized Burham as a "survivalist," emphasizing his potential danger. His criminal activities and subsequent escape had the entire nation on edge, anxiously awaiting his capture. The manhunt was not just a local or state matter; it was a national concern, with every citizen hoping for a swift resolution.

The Dramatic Capture of Michael Burham

Burham's run from the law ended in Conewango Township, situated in Warren County, after a local resident alerted authorities about a "suspicious individual" in the vicinity. The homeowner had discovered Burham outside his property when his dog started barking. When confronted, the suspect claimed he was on a "camping trip," a feeble attempt to explain his presence.

In response, law enforcement officers, with the aid of air support and K-9 units, established a "very large perimeter" and "tracked" the suspect "through the woods." Their relentless pursuit culminated in Burham's capture just before 6 p.m. on Saturday. The capture was a testament to the dedication and commitment of the law enforcement agencies involved.

The lead investigator stated:

"The investigation continues into whether anyone helped Burham to escape the prison or provided any assistance to him while he was on the run. Anyone found to have aided Burham will be charged accordingly."

The Aftermath of Burham's Arrest

At the time of his arrest, Burham was unarmed, and no law enforcement officials were injured during the operation. The investigation is ongoing to determine if anyone assisted Burham in his escape or while he was a fugitive. If anyone is found guilty of aiding him, they will face charges.

The successful capture of Michael Burham marks the end of a period filled with tension and fear. His arrest not only brings a sense of relief to the community but also underscores the unwavering commitment of law enforcement agencies to uphold justice. The entire saga serves as a reminder that no matter how far or how fast a criminal runs, the long arm of the law will eventually catch up.


  • The nationwide manhunt for murder suspect Michael Burham ended with his capture by Pennsylvania authorities after nine days.
  • Burham is the primary suspect in the shooting of Kala Hodgkin in Jamestown, New York, that occurred on May 11.
  • Following the shooting, Burham is alleged to have set a car on fire and kidnapped a Pennsylvania couple.
  • State police described Burham as a "survivalist" and labeled him as "extremely dangerous."
  • Burham was finally apprehended in Conewango Township, Warren County, after a local resident reported a "suspicious individual" in the area.
  • Investigations are ongoing to determine if anyone aided Burham in his escape or during his time as a fugitive.

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