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Murder charges dropped after girlfriend's death ruled a suicide

Amidst conflicting reports, a man is cleared of murder charges, leading to strong reactions from the family.

Joslyn Teetzel’s tragic death has captivated Colorado. Initially charged with her murder, Joslyn’s boyfriend, Miles Kirby, was later found not guilty due to compelling evidence pointing towards a different conclusion. However, the victim’s family remains resolute, sharing accounts of alleged domestic violence that may have played a role in her demise.

Miles Kirby, a 29-year-old from the City of Fountain, made a horrifying discovery on July 27: his girlfriend, Joslyn, hanging in their backyard shed. Acting swiftly, Kirby reported this. However, authorities accused him of staging the scene and subsequently arrested him on several charges, including first-degree murder.

Charges dismissed amidst new evidence

The initial autopsy report indicated a homicide due to strangulation. However, as more evidence surfaced, the narrative began to change. Dr. Jarod Murdoch, after reviewing video footage and first responder reports, revised his findings. He concluded that Joslyn's death was intentional and self-inflicted by hanging.

Just a week after this forensic revelation, all charges against Kirby were dismissed, Fox News reported

Despite being cleared, Kirby was instructed to maintain distance from the children he shared with Joslyn. This mandate came after he posted a $100,000 bond on August 18. The Teetzel family, especially Arlene, Joslyn’s mother, is devastated, and their quest for justice is far from over.

Family alleges domestic abuse

In their fight for truth, Joslyn’s family shed light on what they believe were years of domestic violence at Kirby’s hands. Joslyn’s 10-year-old daughter, Skylar, provided an unsettling account of the alleged abuse.

He allegedy told her, ‘Go kill yourself, or I will do it for you.'

FOX 21 News Colorado recently interviewed Teetzel’s family, where they opened up about their beliefs surrounding her death.

Daniel Kay, Kirby’s attorney, denied these claims and questioned the veracity of Skylar's statement.

Lessons to learn from this tragedy

In the face of such distressing events, there are lessons we can all take:

1. The Importance of Thorough Investigation: Ensuring all evidence is analyzed before jumping to conclusions is essential. Incorrect accusations can cause irreparable damage.

2. Raising Awareness of Domestic Violence: If allegations prove to be true, it serves as a reminder that domestic violence is a hidden epidemic needing attention.

3. Listening to Loved Ones: The Teetzel family believes they noticed signs of abuse. Recognizing and acting upon such signs could save lives.

4. Never Blame the Victim: Regardless of circumstances, blaming victims is never the solution. Offering support is.

Why this story has gripped many

Joslyn Teetzel’s case is more than a news headline; it's a tale of tragedy, misunderstandings, and a quest for justice. The evolving narratives have kept the public engaged, urging them to decipher the truth amidst the ambiguity. The sensitive nature of domestic violence allegations also sheds light on how vital it is to support victims and understand the complexities of such situations.

The case serves as a reminder of the thin line between truth and perception, and the importance of understanding both sides of a story before forming an opinion.

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