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Mother mixed fentanyl into baby’s mickey mouse bottle so she could sleep

In a shocking incident in Florida, a young mother has been taken into custody following the unfortunate demise of her infant son, who was allegedly given a concoction of baby formula and the lethal drug fentanyl. The mother, under the mistaken impression that the substance was cocaine, hoped it would help her baby sleep.

The distressing event unfolded in the quaint town of Calahan, nestled in the northeastern region of Nassau County, Florida. A nine-month-old baby boy was discovered lifeless and pulseless in his living room. Despite the immediate intervention of first responders, who tirelessly performed CPR, the infant was later declared dead at a hospital in the vicinity of Jacksonville.

The mother, a teenager of 17 years, was subsequently apprehended and faced charges of aggravated manslaughter and possession of a controlled substance.

Initially, she attempted to mislead the officers, feigning ignorance about the events leading to her son's death, BizPacReview reported. However, as the investigators' questioning intensified, she finally admitted to feeding her baby a fatal dose of fentanyl, potent enough to claim the lives of ten adults.

Press Conference Reveals Shocking Details

Sheriff Bill Leeper of Nassau County addressed the media at a press conference, expressing his revulsion at the incident. He stated, "Regrettably, some babies are born to individuals who are ill-equipped to be parents."

Sheriff Leeper explained that the mother, worn out and in need of sleep, had made a fatal mistake. She had prepared her baby's bottle with formula and then added what she believed was cocaine from an orange pill container. The substance, however, was not cocaine but fentanyl. The evidence presented at the scene included a Mickey Mouse-themed bottle.

The sheriff quoted the mother's actions, saying:

"She put him in his crib to sleep, and he never woke up."

He expressed his shock and revulsion at the mother's actions, questioning, "Who does that? What mother would do that? That's not normal. That's sick … Babies are the most vulnerable among us. They're dependent on us for everything."

Grieving Father Shares His Pain

The child's father, Phillip Word, spoke to a local news outlet, expressing his sorrow and regret. He stated that he didn't see his son much but would have taken him without hesitation if he knew the mother was tired that day.

Phillip was quoted saying:

"It was an incredible feeling, just to meet your first child for the first time and hold them. I just wish I would’ve actually got to know him and raise him."

He learned of his son's death from a friend who texted him the terrible news. The father was in disbelief, stating, "I didn’t think it was real."

The Deadly Consequences of Fentanyl

Sheriff Leeper emphasized the lethal nature of fentanyl, stating that the amount found in the baby's system could have killed ten adults.

He expressed his disbelief and sorrow, saying, "It’s beyond my comprehension why a mother would do that to her child. No one should lose their life to this terrible deadly drug, especially an innocent baby."

  • A young mother in Florida fed her baby a lethal dose of fentanyl, mistaking it for cocaine.
  • The mother was arrested and charged with aggravated manslaughter and possession of a controlled substance.
  • The baby's father expressed his sorrow and regret, stating that he would have taken the child if he knew the mother was tired.
  • The incident highlights the deadly impact of fentanyl, a powerful opioid responsible for a surge in overdose deaths in the US.

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