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Missing Nebraska teen’s body found days after high school graduation

A recent high school graduate from Nebraska, visiting a friend in Arizona, was found dead under horrifying circumstances, his body was discovered in a bonfire pit in a remote desert area.

Parker League, an 18-year-old from Nebraska, had recently celebrated his high school graduation. He was visiting a friend in Tempe, Arizona when he was reported missing by his family. The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) is now working tirelessly to uncover the details of this chilling crime.

12News reported that League's body was found in a bonfire pit in the remote Bullfrog Canyon off Hackamore Road.

A local resident made the grim discovery on the morning of June 12. MCSO has described League's death as "malicious."

Unanswered Questions Surrounding the Crime

On June 22, MCSO officials publicly addressed the case for the first time. However, they refrained from disclosing several details to protect the integrity of the ongoing homicide investigation, including how League ended up in the desert and what exactly happened to him.

Sgt. Joaquin Enriquez, a public information officer with MCSO, stated:

“The information we have available for release is he was found in the pile burning. So as far as the other details of whether he was placed there, whether that's where he was, those are details we can't get into. Only certain people know details of that crime, so they can't be released to protect the integrity of investigation.”

League was reported missing by a family member out of state. The missing person's report was made to Tempe PD on June 15, three days after MCSO had launched its investigation and was working to identify the victim.

Investigation Continues Amidst Uncertainty

League's last known location was a home in Tempe where his belongings were left behind. “He was visiting a friend," Enriquez said. "The investigation continues to determine whether this was this a family friend? Was this a close friend? Was this somebody he met? We don't know.”

When asked if they had any leads on the suspect, Enriquez responded:

“We’re working the investigation. And when we say that we have possible leads, that can be a good thing or it can turn out to be nothing. But we work every avenue, every angle, especially with a crime like this, in such a remote area. We also rely on physical evidence. And you're talking about the elements of where this was found a whole day after maybe. So we deal with a lot of different elements that we have to go through. But to say that we know who did this would be premature.”

As the search for the suspect continues, MCSO has increased patrols in the Hackamore area, where residents have recently raised concerns about increased homelessness, illegal camping, and crime.

Public Assistance Requested in the Investigation

“Somebody's out of state. What are they doing there? We don't know," Enriquez said. "Very popular area for off-roading, for gathering, and things like that. But at this point, we are trying to find those answers.”

MCSO is now turning to the public for assistance. If anyone was in the Hackamore area and saw anything out of the ordinary, or if they have any information about League's case, they are urged to call MCSO at 602-876-TIPS. They emphasized that any piece of information could be helpful.

As the investigation continues, the community, the victim's family, and the authorities are all left grappling with the tragic and mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of a young man who had his whole life ahead of him.


  • Parker League, an 18-year-old from Nebraska, was found dead in a bonfire pit in a remote desert area in Arizona.
  • The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office is investigating the case, which they have described as "malicious."
  • League was visiting a friend in Tempe, Arizona, and was reported missing by his family.
  • The authorities have not yet released many details about the case to protect the integrity of the ongoing investigation.
  • The MCSO is asking for the public's help in the investigation. Anyone with information is urged to call 602-876-TIPS.

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