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Mexican pop star forced to postpone show after death threats from cartel

Narcocorrido artist, Peso Pluma, cancels concert after receiving life-threatening messages from a notorious cartel.

Popular “Narcocorrido” singer Peso Pluma, also known by his real name, Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, recently faced threats leading to the cancelation of his concert in Tijuana, Mexico.

This alarming turn of events adds a new layer to the controversy surrounding the genre.

The municipal president of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero Ramírez, expressed her concerns regarding artists like Peso Pluma.

According to her, such artists' music can inadvertently glorify crime, thereby putting their fans in potential danger at their concerts.

The threats and the arrest

In a shocking incident, banners with threats directed at Peso Pluma surfaced in the town located just south of the U.S. border between California and Mexico.

Montserrat Caballero Ramírez talked about how it would be Pluma's "last" presentation,

Following these threats, authorities in Tijuana promptly arrested a man believed to be responsible for these banners, Breitbart reported.

The arrested individual faced charges of terrorism and possession of an illegal substance, as explained by Tijuana’s regional prosecutor, Edgar Mendoza. He clarified that the terror charges were a result of the impact on the community and not solely based on the message's content.

Canceled concerts and fan disappointment

Amid these events, news spread about the cancelation of Peso Pluma’s scheduled Oct. 14 show in Tijuana.

As per the Los Angeles Times, Doble P Records, Pluma’s record label, canceled the event due to mounting safety concerns.

Fans in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, also received the disappointing news of the show's postponement.

Furthermore, his performances in Illinois and Indianapolis were also postponed that week. However, the direct connection of these cancelations to the cartel’s threats remains unclear.

Peso Pluma's music and the controversies

Peso Pluma is widely recognized for his “Narcocorridos,” a subgenre of Mexican music. His songs, many of which glorify drug cartels, have attracted both admiration and criticism.

Several of his tracks, such as “El Bélicon” and “Siempre Pendientes,” are believed to be dedicated to the Jalisco cartel’s main rival, the Sinaloa cartel. Though Peso Pluma has not confirmed these claims, he did acknowledge that some cartel leaders commission musicians to create narcocorridos in their favor.

His prominence in the music world is undeniable. In 2023, Pluma made a groundbreaking appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards, being the first Música Mexicana singer to perform at this prestigious event, Yahoo reported.

Lessons to learn from this tragedy

  • Public Figures are Vulnerable: Celebrities, particularly those dealing with contentious subjects, can become targets. They should always prioritize safety and consider the broader implications of their work.
  • Importance of Community Vigilance: Community members need to be observant and report suspicious activities. This collective effort can deter potential threats.
  • Government's Role: Governments and local authorities must ensure the safety of their citizens, especially during large gatherings like concerts.
  • Awareness is Crucial: Artists and their teams must be aware of the possible repercussions of their work, especially when it touches on sensitive issues.

Why this matters to the world

The situation surrounding Peso Pluma underscores the far-reaching impact of music and culture. As an artist, he became a conduit for the larger social issues plaguing regions affected by cartels. His music resonates with many but also brings to light the often-unseen underbelly of society.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers artists face when their work touches on controversial subjects. It's not just about the art; it's about the societal implications and the real-life consequences that can emerge.

Furthermore, for fans worldwide, it's a moment of reckoning. They witness firsthand the risks their favorite artists might undergo, prompting deeper reflection on the content they consume and support.

As society becomes more interconnected through media and technology, understanding the intersection of art, culture, and real-world challenges becomes ever more crucial.

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