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Megyn Kelly Reacts To Awkward Drew Barrymore and VP Harris Interview

In a recent episode of Drew Barrymore's daytime talk show, Vice President Kamala Harris was featured, sparking a vivid critique from commentator Megyn Kelly, who described the interaction as awkward and inappropriate.

Megyn Kelly criticized Drew Barrymore's recent interview with Vice President Kamala Harris on her show, highlighting its unusual intimacy and lack of substantive content and suggesting that the Secret Service should have intervened.

According to Daily Mail, Barrymore and Harris shared a moment of close physical proximity during the segment, which some viewers found uncomfortable. Barrymore took the intimacy further by asking Harris to become a 'mother' to the United States, dubbing her "Momala of the country."

Harris responded to Barrymore's comments by discussing her distinctive laugh, a trait she attributes to her mother and the environment she grew up in with other strong, expressive women. She emphasized the importance of being true to oneself, unshaped by others' expectations.

Public Reaction to the Harris-Barrymore Interview

Megyn Kelly discussed the interview on her show later that day, offering a critical review of the content and the physical closeness observed between the host and the Vice President. Kelly suggested that even the Secret Service might have been concerned about the proximity.

Additionally, Kelly touched on Harris's laughter, which often becomes a point of public scrutiny. She speculated that the Vice President's laughter might serve as a deflection mechanism in uncomfortable situations.

Kelly did not hold back in her critique, denouncing the interview as "performative" and lacking genuine substance. She described it as a display of "fake profundities" where Harris delivered what Kelly called "normal air sandwich" responses.

Media and Personal Space in Politics

The interaction raises questions about the personal space norms on public television, especially in interviews with high-profile political figures. Kelly's remarks echoed a sentiment that perhaps Barrymore's approach was too casual for a discussion with a sitting Vice President.

This episode has reignited discussion about how media figures should conduct themselves with political guests, balancing personal warmth and professional decorum.

The episode also highlighted the evolving nature of political figures' engagement with media, showcasing a more relaxed, though potentially controversial, interaction style.

Insight into the Vice President’s Personality

Despite the criticisms, the interview did offer some insights into Vice President Harris's personality.

Her explanation about inheriting her mother's laughter and the cultural background shaping her demeanor provided a personal glimpse into her life beyond politics.

Barrymore's supportive reaction to Harris's laugh, where she openly expressed her adoration, was intended to humanize the Vice President. This aspect of the interview showcased Harris's lighter, more relatable side.

Yet, as seen in Kelly's harsh feedback, this approach has its critics, who argue that such interactions might undermine the gravitas expected in political discourse.

Why This Story Matters

This story is essential for the community as it illuminates the intricate dance between media and politics. It underscores the need for a balanced approach that respects personal expression and the etiquette expected in political discourse.

The incident reminds us of the powerful role the media plays in shaping public perceptions of political figures. It also stresses the importance of context and boundaries in such interactions.

Understanding these dynamics helps citizens better interpret the interactions they see on screen, fostering a more informed and critical viewer base.


Megyn Kelly critiqued the episode between Drew Barrymore and Vice President Kamala Harris, prompting a reflection on the nature of celebrity and political interviews.

It serves as a case study of the balance between personal interaction and maintaining the dignity of the office, a balance crucial for media figures and political leaders alike.

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