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Mark Goodard, General Hospital star dead at 87

 Mark Goddard, best known for his role in "Lost in Space," has passed away at the age of 87 due to pulmonary fibrosis.

Mark Goddard, an icon in the world of television, made a significant impact in the entertainment industry with his various roles, most notably as Major Don West in the 1960s CBS television show "Lost in Space."

Born Charles Harvey Goddard on July 24, 1936, in Lowell, Massachusetts, Goddard's journey from a young boy in a small town to a Hollywood star is one of perseverance and passion.

He decided to leave college in his junior year, back in 1958, to chase his dream of acting. To fund his pursuit, he took up a job working evenings at Woolworths. Goddard was steadfast in his decision to get into the arts, and thus he enrolled himself at the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

A glance at Goddard's illustrious career

Upon setting foot in Hollywood, he soon landed roles that showcased his versatile acting talent. One of his earlier roles included an appearance on "The Rifleman" and in a television movie directed by Dick Powell called "Woman on the Run," which starred the legendary Joan Crawford.

His journey continued with roles in "Johnny Ringo," "The Detectives," and appearances in renowned series like "The Beverly Hillbillies" and "Perry Mason."

Beyond his role as Major Don West, which made him a household name, Goddard showcased his talent in a variety of other roles as well. In the 1985 series "General Hospital," he played the character Dr. Derek Barrington, captivating audiences until 1986.

He even made appearances in episodes of "The Fugitive," "The Mod Squad," and "The Fall Guy," to name a few, CBS News reported.

Bill Mumy, who played Will Robinson on "Lost In Space," said this about the late actor, "Mark Goddard has been a dear friend and I will deeply miss him."

A shift in career: From acting to education

Goddard's contributions were not just confined to the entertainment industry. After enjoying a successful acting career, he made a notable transition into the field of education.

Having returned to graduate from college, he furthered his studies by earning a master's degree in education. Goddard then dedicated two decades of his life working as a special education teacher in Massachusetts, a testament to his diverse talents and passion for service.

As reported by NBC New York Goddard's demise in Hingham, Massachusetts, where he succumbed to pulmonary fibrosis. His son, John, confirmed the news of his passing to the newspaper.

Lessons to learn from this tragedy

  • Life is unpredictable: No matter how well we plan, life often has its own course. It's essential to cherish every moment and live life to the fullest.
  • Diverse passions: It's never too late to pursue a new passion or career. Goddard's shift from acting to education proves that age is no bar for learning or teaching.
  • Dedication pays off: Whether in the world of acting or education, Goddard showcased how dedication and hard work can lead to success.

Goddard's life, filled with diverse experiences and boundless passion, teaches us many things. His journey from the screens of Hollywood to the classrooms in Massachusetts is a testament to his dedication and love for both arts and education. While the world mourns the loss of such a versatile personality, his legacy continues to inspire and guide many.

Why Goddard’s passing touches many

The world mourns the loss of a versatile actor, a dedicated educator, and above all, a man of substance. Goddard's memoir, released in 2008 and aptly titled "To Space and Back," gives a detailed account of his life's journey, providing readers a glimpse into his world.

His appearances, whether it be his cameo in the 1998 film reboot of "Lost In Space" or his original role that Matt LeBlanc played, have left an indelible mark on the hearts of many.

He was committed to acting, and education while having an innate ability to connect with people, whether through his characters or as a teacher, which has made him a figure of admiration and respect.

Goodard's life, rich in experiences and achievements, serves as an inspiration to many who dare to dream and are willing to work towards making those dreams a reality.

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