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Man gets 100 years for killing daughter while aiming for son

Tony Louis Valez received a 100-year prison sentence for the accidental killing of his daughter during an attempt to shoot two other family members.

On a fateful day in July, the quiet of Helena, Montana was shattered by a family dispute that turned deadly. Tony Louis Valez, a 66-year-old resident, was embroiled in a heated eviction dispute when he resorted to gunfire.

His actions led to the tragic death of his young daughter, Arianna Valez, and the attempted murder of his partner and son.

The incident unfolded rapidly, with Valez retrieving a firearm and indiscriminately firing at his family members. His partner, Heather Hall, was struck and fell, while his son narrowly escaped injury.

In the chaos, a stray bullet hit Arianna as she attempted to escape, causing her to fall from the deck and later succumb to her injuries at a local hospital.

Guilty plea and sentencing

In the aftermath, Valez faced multiple charges, including deliberate homicide and attempted deliberate homicide. By September, he had entered a guilty plea to one count of deliberate homicide. This admission of guilt led to a sentencing hearing via Zoom on November 2, where the full weight of his actions was laid bare.

During the hearing, the prosecution and defense presented their cases, with Valez's attorney requesting a 40-year sentence. However, the presiding judge, Mike Menahan, deemed a century-long sentence appropriate for the gravity of the crime committed, People reported.

Helena Police Department Sgt. Adam Shanks commented on Valez's mindset during the shooting, "He felt justified in trying to shoot (his partner and son). I don't think he initially realized he had shot Arianna,"

The impact of a tragedy

The courtroom heard the heart-wrenching impact statement from Heather Hall, Arianna's mother, who expressed the immeasurable loss and enduring pain caused by the incident. The emotional toll of the day's events was palpable as she spoke of the nightmare that haunts her continuously.

Valez himself addressed the court, expressing remorse for his actions, "I’m sorry for all this. I can’t undo what I’ve done. The pain and the misery will last a lifetime and I’m sorry for that."

Judge Mike Menahan reflected on the recklessness of Valez's actions in his statement, "I just can't believe being evicted would justify picking up a handgun in that small of a space with children present. He engaged in dangerous behavior that put everyone's life at risk and intended to bring harm to the adults present."

Lessons to learn from this tragedy

The harrowing events that unfolded in Helena serve as a stark reminder of the potential consequences of domestic disputes escalating to violence. Here are some lessons we can take away from this incident:

  • The presence of firearms in volatile situations can lead to irreversible outcomes.
  • Eviction or any form of domestic dispute should be handled through legal and non-violent means to prevent such tragedies.
  • It is crucial for individuals to seek help when dealing with anger management issues to avoid harming themselves or others.
  • Children are particularly vulnerable during domestic disputes and must be protected at all costs.

While these points may guide us toward safer decisions, it's important to acknowledge that crime can strike unexpectedly, and victims should never be blamed for the crimes committed against them.

Why this story matters

This story is a grim reminder of the fragility of life and the devastating impact one individual's actions can have.

It underscores the importance of addressing domestic violence and mental health issues within our society.

The sentencing of Tony Louis Valez not only serves justice but also acts as a deterrent. It emphasizes the severe consequences of using violence to resolve conflicts.


In conclusion, the sentencing of Tony Louis Valez to 100 years in prison for the unintentional killing of his daughter Arianna during a domestic dispute highlights several critical issues:

  • The irreversible consequences of introducing a firearm into a domestic situation.
  • The importance of seeking peaceful resolutions and legal recourse in disputes.
  • The a need for better support systems for individuals dealing with anger and domestic issues.
  • The tragic loss of a young life and the lasting impact on the surviving family members.

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