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Celebrity LA Butcher Jered Standing Dead At Age 44

In a harrowing turn of events, Jered Standing, a Los Angeles-based butcher celebrated for his ethical approach to meat sourcing, has passed away.

Jered Standing's death on February 22 at the age of 44 sends shockwaves through the LA food scene, marking the loss of a pioneer in sustainable and ethical butchery.

Standing, a man of profound principles, carved a niche for himself in Hancock Park, Los Angeles, with the inception of Standing's Butchery in 2017. Standing embraced vegetarianism before embarking on his journey as a butcher, reflecting his deep-seated commitment to ethical food sourcing and animal welfare.

The uniqueness of Standing's Butchery lies in its unwavering commitment to sustainable sourcing and whole-animal butchery. Standing championed the cause of minimizing waste by utilizing every part of the animal, a practice that earned him admiration and respect within the community.

Early Beginnings and Ethical Pursuits

Standing's relationship with meat and ethical consumption traces back to unlikely beginnings. Moving to Los Angeles in 2012 without a defined roadmap, he found shelter on a friend's couch and in his inexpensive Toyota Corolla. This period marked a significant transformation for Standing, who had grown up reliant on free school lunches and endured poorly paid jobs from his teenage years.

His foray into butchery commenced with a seasonal part-time position in a meat department. It was here that Standing honed the basics of butchery, evolving from curiosity to proficiency, eventually transitioning to a full-time role. This set the foundation for a crusade against misleading industry terms such as "natural" and "organic," aiming to enlighten consumers about the realities of meat production.

The ethos of Standing's Butchery, which opened its doors in 2017, was built on a foundation of transparency and integrity. Standing, sourcing exclusively from California farmers, ensured that each animal was raised in free-range habitats, on heritage breeds, and on an all-grass diet. His initiative reflected an unwavering dedication to animal welfare and a healthier, more ethical food system.

Leaving a Legacy of Sustainability

Aside from his business endeavors, Standing was devoted to education on sustainable practices. Through butchery classes and a dynamic social media presence, he shared knowledge on the importance of closed-loop farming, advocating for an informed and conscientious consumer base.

In 2019, Standing expressed his pride in using every part of the animal, emphasizing the responsibility that comes with butchery. His recent ambitions to open a second location and establish a permanent spot for his burger pop-up, Burgers by Standing's, showcased his continual strive for growth and innovation within the ethical food sphere.

Despite his untimely death, confirmed by the LA county medical examiner as a suicide on February 22, Standing's impact on the LA food scene remains indelible. His commitment to challenging the status quo of the meat industry through education on misleading labels like "natural" and "organic" has enlightened many.

Unwavering Support and Love

The news of Jered Standing's death has elicited a flood of tributes from customers and admirers alike. Expressions of grief, gratitude, and remembrance have proliferated, underscoring the deep connection and impact Standing had on individuals and the broader community.

Moreover, Standing's efforts to guide those returning to meat consumption, with his shop being a point of transition, highlight his gentle and generous nature. His approachable demeanor and commitment to his craft made him a beloved figure as a butcher and a community builder.

Standing reflected on his journey in his last Instagram post before his shop's fifth anniversary in October 2022, displaying a characteristic ambition and forward-thinking attitude. This glimpse into his mindset illustrates the relentless drive and passion that characterized his life and work.

Lessons to Learn from This Tragedy

Amidst the sorrow of Jered Standing's passing, several poignant lessons emerge, interwoven with the tapestry of his life and values.

Firstly, the significance of mental health awareness and support within our communities cannot be overstated. It is essential to foster an environment where individuals feel safe and supported in seeking help. Secondly, Standing's journey underscores the importance of pursuing one's passions and convictions, even when they defy conventional expectations.

Finally, this tragedy highlights the crucial role of community and belonging in our lives, reminding us of one individual's impact.

While these lessons offer guidance, it's fundamental to remember that crime and tragedy can strike indiscriminately. We must not fall into the trap of victim-blaming but instead work towards creating safer, more supportive communities for all.

Why This Story Matters

Jered Standing's life and untimely death encapsulate a narrative far beyond the personal tragedy. They reverberate through the threads of our society, reflecting on the importance of ethical consumption, mental health awareness, and the power of community. His legacy prompts a critical examination of our values and practices, offering a compelling case for change toward a more sustainable and compassionate world.

In conclusion, Jered Standing's journey from a struggling newcomer in Los Angeles to a pillar of the ethical food community encapsulates a story of determination, innovation, and altruism. His profound impact on sustainable butchery and ethical food sourcing continues to resonate, underscoring the void left by his departure.

Standing's commitment to educating consumers, fostering a more ethical meat industry, and his unwavering dedication to animal welfare and sustainability will be sorely missed but long remembered. The lessons drawn from his life and the discussions spurred by his passing are foundational elements in the ongoing journey toward a more ethical and mindful society.

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