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Husband collects dead wife’s pension checks and puts her in freezer

A 57-year-old Norwegian man was sentenced to prison for keeping his deceased partner's body in a freezer for five years.

A court in Sweden sentenced a 57-year-old Norwegian man to three and a half years in prison following the discovery of his deceased partner’s body stored in a freezer.

The grim finding was the culmination of a scheme to collect her pension even years after her death.

The couple, residing in Arjang, approximately 340 kilometers west of Stockholm, led a life that remained under the radar until the woman’s mysterious disappearance raised alarms.

The man had perpetuated the idea that she was alive, long after she succumbed to cancer in 2018.

Deceptive tales of a seemingly normal couple

The man consistently informed the woman’s family that she was merely sleeping or temporarily unavailable, Fox News reported.

As time passed and suspicions grew, he even went as far as to claim she no longer wanted to communicate with them.

When police eventually discovered her body in March following an anonymous tip, the extent of the man’s deceit began to unravel. Upon his confession, he revealed he'd concealed her death and placed her in the freezer.

Prosecutor Linda Karlsson shared the harrowing fact that every time he opened and closed the freezer, the deceased woman's sanctity of the grave was violated.

Dark secrets behind closed doors

Further investigation revealed that he had also tampered with documents and vehicle registrations, replacing the deceased’s name with his own. This act was a component of his systemic fraud scheme.

Through these maneuvers, he slyly claimed the woman's pension and tax rebates, accumulating more than 1.2 million Norwegian kroner ($116,000).

Adding another layer to his defense, the man argued that he stored her body with the intention of burying her near their farm in Varmland when spring arrived. He expressed the couple's wish to avoid public cemeteries, preferring a burial on their private property.

Court’s verdict and its implications

The man faced several charges, including gross breach of civil liberties, gross fraud, mutilating a corpse, and falsification of documents, ND-TV reported.

The court, after careful consideration, handed down a verdict convicting him on multiple counts. Initially, prosecutors sought a four-year sentence, but it was later reduced.

Remarkably, amidst the trial proceedings, the man-made bizarre claims, stating he could communicate with his late partner through telepathy.

To assess his mental state, court-appointed psychiatrists evaluated him, determining he didn’t suffer from any mental illness. This conclusion was consistent even upon later assessments.

Lessons to learn from this tragedy

1. Stay connected: Regularly check on your family members, especially if you haven't heard from them in a while. It can help detect if something is amiss.
2. Trust your instincts: If something feels wrong, don't dismiss your feelings. It's essential to investigate or seek authorities' help.
3. Financial monitoring: Unusual financial activities can be a significant red flag. Keeping an eye on unexpected withdrawals or changes can act as an early warning system.

Why the story garnered attention

In an era of unprecedented access to information and social connectivity, tales like these strike a chord due to their sheer audacity and the layers of deception involved. Such acts of betrayal, especially by someone so close, shatter our understanding of trust and commitment.

It's not just the act of hiding the body that's shocking; it’s the lengths the man went to, manipulating the narrative and using it to exploit the financial system. The revelation of such deep-seated deceit raises unsettling questions about what happens behind closed doors.

Moreover, it serves as a reminder of the often-overlooked vulnerabilities in our society. While we’d like to think our systems are foolproof, stories like this emphasize the need for diligence, both personally and collectively.

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