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Hostile Cyber Actors Attempt To Hijack Israeli Passenger Jet

A new threat has emerged in the skies as unknown attackers disrupt the systems that ensure airplanes land safely.

A passenger jet en route from Thailand to Israel narrowly avoided a cyber hijack attempt, marking a disturbing repetition of such perilous incidents within a week.

In an alarming trend that seems to be taking flight, attempts to seize control of aircraft communications have turned the sky into a new battleground for cyber attackers.

El Al Dreamliner Targeted by Rogue Radio Messages

El Al flight LY88, a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner journeying from Phuket to Tel Aviv's Ben-Gurion International Airport, became the latest victim of this disturbing trend over the weekend. Crew onboard were subjected to rogue radio messages, an audacious attempt to divert the aircraft from its intended path.

The unidentified aggressors crafted a false narrative, directing the pilots to drastically alter their course under the guise of official air traffic control instructions.

The source of these malicious communications was traced to the breakaway state of Somaliland, a revelation that adds a geopolitical wrinkle to the episode. This breach underscores the vulnerability of air traffic control systems to sophisticated forms of disruption.

El Al, the flag carrier involved, has been reluctant to pinpoint the exact perpetrators, leaving the aviation community in suspense about who might orchestrate such dangerous interference.

A Second Strike in the Sky

This incident did not occur in isolation. It was the second such attack in a mere week, painting a worrying picture of aviation safety. Days prior, another flight from Bangkok to Tel Aviv had experienced similar cyber threats. These back-to-back occurrences suggest a pattern, hinting at a possible coordinated campaign against flights entering Israel.

El Al's response to these threats has been one of reassurance. The airline emphasized that the attempts were not specifically targeting its fleet and should not be considered security incidents.

According to statements made to the Israeli outlet Ynet, the disruptions, although serious, did not jeopardize the continuation of the flight. This assurance, however, might offer little comfort to passengers and crew alike who find themselves at the mercy of invisible hijackers.

The broader implications of these breaches have extended beyond Israel's borders. Throughout the week, Somalia has witnessed widespread communication interruptions, a chaotic backdrop that suggests the problem may be larger than initially perceived. These disruptions have plagued various airlines, indicating that the threat is both widespread and indiscriminate.

Combating Airborne Cyber Threats

Aviation authorities have promptly adjusted their strategies in response to the rising threats. They now thoroughly brief pilots on managing hijacked communications, highlighting the changing complexities in aviation security.

Pilots are instructed to ignore any unauthorized commands and use a different communication method instead. This proactive strategy helps keep flights safe and uninterrupted, effectively countering efforts to mislead or create confusion.

An anonymous El Al employee shared insights with the Jerusalem Post, shedding light on the ongoing countermeasures.

In Somalia, there have been communication interruptions all week, not only for El Al planes. The official authorities have issued instructions to all pilots that as soon as this happens with a certain frequency, not to listen to the instructions and to switch to another communication method.

Why This Story Matters

The significance of these cyber hijack attempts cannot be overstated. They represent a clear and present danger to international aviation security, illustrating the need for constant vigilance and updated defense mechanisms. The incidents raise critical questions about the security of air traffic control communications and the potential consequences if such attacks were to succeed. This story is a stark reminder of the evolving threats facing global aviation and the imperative to stay one step ahead of those seeking to exploit vulnerabilities for nefarious purposes.

Lessons to Learn from This Tragedy

1. Stay Informed: Passengers and aviation professionals must remain aware of the current threat landscape. Awareness can foster preparedness.

2. Trust in Training: For crew members, adherence to training on handling cyber hijack attempts can make all the difference. It's a reminder that preparedness can thwart these modern threats.

3. Communication is Key: In times of uncertainty, maintaining open and secure lines of communication is vital. This incident reinforces the importance of having alternative communication methods available.

It's essential to recognize that, despite taking all possible precautions, crime can happen to anyone. The focus should always be on improving safety measures and not attributing blame to the victims of such incidents.


The disturbing attempts to hijack the communications of flights from Thailand to Israel, including the El Al flight LY88, underscore a burgeoning cyber threat in aviation. Tracing the source to Somaliland, yet unable to pinpoint the exact perpetrators, these incidents have prompted a swift and structured response from airlines and aviation authorities.

By instructing pilots on how to counteract hijacked communications, the aviation industry is adapting to an era where threats come from the physical world and the cyber realm. These stories are not just about the immediate danger but also the broader implications for international security and the ongoing efforts to safeguard the skies from unseen adversaries.

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