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By Rampart Stonebridge, updated on March 20, 2024

Heroic Driver Saves 9 Students Before Bus Bursts Into Flames

In a heart-stopping incident in New Orleans, a school bus driver's quick actions saved nine students from a potentially fatal fire.

WSAZ News Channel reported that driver Kia Rousseve evacuated the students moments before the bus exploded, a testament to her quick thinking and bravery.

The event unfolded on a seemingly ordinary Wednesday morning. Kia Rousseve, who has been navigating school routes for three years with Community Academies of New Orleans, was on her usual rounds. Just before her fifth stop of the day, she noticed something amiss—a wisp of smoke emanating from the bus.

Her concern escalated when a little girl alerted her that flames were visible beneath the vehicle. “As soon as I saw the bus smoking, my instinct was to get them off of the bus,” Rousseve recounted. Without hesitation, she initiated the evacuation, guiding students from kindergarten to eighth grade through the front door to safety.

A Harrowing Escape Before the Explosion

The tension peaked moments after the last child stepped off the bus. According to Rousseve, the vehicle then exploded in a series of loud bangs. “I turned the bus off and got off. When I got off, the bus blew up,” she described the terrifying sequence of events.

Reflecting on the ordeal, Rousseve believed that a faulty alternator was likely the cause of the fire. This information might hold the key to preventing similar disasters in the future.

Yet, amidst the chaos, Rousseve's foremost thought was for the children under her care. “I feel great about saving other kids’ lives and saving my life,” she expressed, valuing the preservation of life above all else.

Rousseve's heroic actions didn’t just demonstrate quick thinking; they also highlighted a profound sense of responsibility and care for the students she transported daily. Her actions not only averted a potential tragedy but also highlighted the importance of emergency preparedness and the role of individuals in ensuring public safety.

Reflections on Heroism and Divine Protection

Rousseve's thoughts on the incident reveal a deep sense of pride and gratitude. “I’m proud to share my heroism story and that God was watching over everyone on my bus,” she said, attributing the successful outcome to more than just her actions. It's a story of survival, extraordinary courage, and presence of mind.

The event serves as a clear warning of the unforeseen risks present in daily life. Rousseve modestly sees her efforts as merely fulfilling her responsibility towards the children, treating them as if they were her own.

She shared her feelings of pride and belief in divine intervention, feeling that a greater force had a hand in ensuring everyone's safety during the evacuation.

For Rousseve, the ordeal has cemented her commitment to the safety and well-being of her passengers. Her story is a poignant testament to individuals' impact in moments of crisis, embodying the spirit of heroism in the face of unforeseen challenges.

Why This Story Matters

Kia Rousseve's quick thinking and bravery during a critical moment in New Orleans serve as a powerful testament to the impact of individual actions on preventing potential disasters.

When faced with an emergent threat of a fire on the school bus she was driving, Rousseve's attentive and prompt response ensured the safety of nine students, showcasing the significant risks in daily life and the extraordinary lengths individuals go to protect others. This incident highlights the importance of emergency preparedness and the crucial role of educators and staff in student safety.

Rousseve's calmness and quick action, guiding students to safety just moments before the vehicle exploded, underscore her remarkable dedication and presence of mind.

Her story is a poignant reminder of the unpredictability of life, the potential for everyday heroism, and the profound difference one can make during crises, embodying true selflessness and the spirit of a protector.


Kia Rousseve's quick actions as a school bus driver in New Orleans saved nine students from a terrifying bus explosion. Noticing smoke emanating from the bus, Rousseve evacuated the students just moments before the vehicle exploded. Her instinctive response and sense of responsibility for the children's safety enabled a harrowing yet successful escape.

Though humble about her heroism, Rousseve feels proud to have protected the students, crediting divine protection for the positive outcome. The incident highlights the unpredictable dangers school bus drivers face and the profound impact individuals can have in emergencies through courageous action and care for others. Rousseve's story is one of everyday heroism from quick thinking and commitment to her young passengers' wellbeing.

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