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Gypsy Rose Blanchard Reveals Pregnancy With Former Fiancé Ken Urker

According to Daily Mail, Gypsy Rose Blanchard recently announced her first pregnancy, marking a surprising turn in her turbulent life.

Just seven months after being released from incarceration, Blanchard joyfully announced she is expecting a child, due in January 2025.

Previously incarcerated after a scandalous conviction involving her mother's murder, Blanchard delivered the news on her YouTube channel, an expression of newfound hope.

At 32, Blanchard revealed she is 11 weeks pregnant. The father is Ken Urker, Blanchard's former fiancé. This news barrels in shortly after her separation from Ryan Scott Anderson, her husband, this past March.

The continuity in Blanchard’s personal life saw rapid changes when she reunited with Ken Urker in April, just one month after her separation.

This rekindled romance blooms into a future family, as both confessed the pregnancy was unplanned and unforeseen.

Timeline Of Events: Divorce To Conception

Blanchard's life spun anew with her release from Chillicothe Correctional Center in December 2023. Since then, she navigated through her divorce in March 2024 and quietly started seeing Ken again in April.

By July, Blanchard, embracing her evolving life chapter, announced her pregnancy publicly, detailing the baby is expected the following winter.

In her announcement, Blanchard shared:

I am 11 weeks pregnant. Ken and I are expecting our very first child, come January of 2025. This was not planned at all, it was completely unexpected.

The emotional video captured Blanchard tearfully expressing her hopes for her future child, longing to provide a childhood she claimed was denied to her.

Meanwhile, Ryan Scott Anderson expressed dismay over their sudden separation, hinting he was unaware of her lingering feelings for Urker.

From Prison Contacts to Pregnancy

While incarcerated, Blanchard formed relationships through letters, notably with Ken Urker and Ryan Scott Anderson. After her release, her personal life changed dramatically.

Initially, following her breakup with Anderson, Blanchard described Urker as just a friend, emphasizing that there was no intimacy at that stage.

Blanchard's feelings about her pregnancy suggest a strong desire for a new beginning. She later clarified that her relationship with Urker evolved, indicating a shift from their initial platonic status.

Why This Story Matters

Gypsy Rose Blanchard's announcement of her pregnancy marks a significant turning point in her life, which has been filled with tragedy, abuse, and legal troubles.

Her story has captivated the public's attention due to the shocking nature of her mother's murder and the revelation of the abuse she suffered at her mother's hands. This pregnancy news adds a new chapter to her already complex life story as she navigates motherhood while trying to rebuild her life after being released from prison.


Gypsy Rose Blanchard's pregnancy announcement comes at a time when she is still adjusting to life outside of prison and dealing with the aftermath of her mother's murder. While the pregnancy was unplanned, Blanchard seems to view it as an opportunity for a fresh start and a chance to provide her child with the love and care she feels she was denied growing up.

As she moves forward with this new chapter in her life, it remains to be seen how her past experiences will shape her approach to motherhood and her ongoing journey of healing and redemption.

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