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By Rampart Stonebridge, updated on February 21, 2024

FBI Manhunt Underway For Another Kansas City Chiefs Parade Shooter

In an urgent search for justice, the FBI is now on the hunt for a third adult gunman involved in the tragic Kansas City Chiefs parade shooting.

This appalling event left Lisa Lopez-Galvan dead and over 30 individuals injured, casting a shadow over what should have been a celebration.

The grim incident unfolded on February 14, transforming a victory parade into a scene of chaos and sorrow. The tragedy began with a dispute between two youths, quickly spiraling out of control.

Eyewitness accounts suggest the presence of at least four gunmen, with the police bravely stepping in amidst the pandemonium. Among the chaos, an eyewitness vividly described the scene as one where people were shot "from the hip" into the crowd, leading to multiple casualties and a sense of sheer disbelief among the attendees.

Immediately following the incident, local law enforcement and the FBI swiftly responded, leading to the detention of Denton Loudermill. However, he was later confirmed not to be involved in the tragic events that unfolded. The police's ongoing investigations have since led to the charging of two adult suspects, Lyndell Mays, and Dominic Miller, with severe crimes, including second-degree murder.

Heroes Emerge Amidst Tragedy

In the days that followed the shooting, the community saw a demonstration of solidarity and compassion. Notably, Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany visited children who were hospitalized due to the incident.

Their visit, significantly covered by the media, highlighted the innocent victims of this senseless act of violence. Similarly, Travis Kelce and his partner Taylor Swift contributed significantly to the victims' recovery efforts, donating $100,000 and showcasing a powerful message of support from the community.

Amid these developments, it emerged that apart from the adult suspects, two juveniles were also charged. They face gun-related offenses and resisting arrest, underlining the complex nature of the incident involving individuals of various ages. This layered involvement adds to the challenge facing law enforcement in unraveling the full extent of the tragic parade shooting.

The critical condition of some victims remains a pressing concern, with three still receiving hospital care. University Health has emerged as a beacon of hope, diligently working to improve the condition of the injured. Their statement reflects a somber reality yet a glimmer of hope: that while critical, there is improvement among the victims.

A Closer Look at the Suspects and Victims

Scrutiny has naturally fallen upon the suspects, with questions arising about their motives and the sequence of events leading up to the shooting. The community and investigators alike are seeking answers, with the search for the third adult gunman intensifying. The need to bring all involved to justice is paramount, not only as a form of closure for the victims and their families but also as a deterrent to potential future crimes.

Eyewitness testimonies have been crucial in painting a clearer picture of the horrifying ordeal. Their detailed accounts have provided investigators with valuable insights crucial for the ongoing investigation.

Among these, the description of a gunman shooting "into the crowd" harkens back to the randomness and brutality of the act, emphasizing the need for thorough justice.

Public response to the involvement of Chiefs players has been mixed, with some criticizing initial reactions while others laud the genuine efforts made towards supporting the victims. This dichotomy reflects the broader societal challenges in responding to public tragedies, where the line between genuine support and public relations can sometimes blur.

Why This Story Matters

This story is crucial for the community as it underscores the importance of safety during public events. It reminds us of the fragility of life and the need for vigilance, community support, and efficient law enforcement to protect and serve. Furthermore, it highlights the importance of responsible gun ownership and the dire consequences when firearms fall into the wrong hands.

Lessons to Learn from this Tragedy

1. Vigilance is key. Always be aware of your surroundings and exits when attending large public events.

2. The importance of community and showing support can not be understated. In times of tragedy, coming together can provide comfort and aid to those affected.

3. Law enforcement and public safety measures should be robust, especially during significant events that draw large crowds. However, it's crucial to remember that despite our best efforts, crime can happen to anyone, and victim-blaming only detracts from the support needed by those affected.


The Kansas City Chiefs parade shooting on February 14 serves as a sobering reminder of the unpredictability of violence and its devastating impact on communities.

The ongoing search for a third suspect, alongside the legal proceedings against the already identified suspects, underlines the complexity of resolving such tragic events. The community's response, from the heroic actions of police officers to the compassionate gestures of high-profile figures, illustrates the collective desire for healing and justice.

This case not only demands our attention but also urges us to reflect on broader societal issues related to public safety and the impact of gun violence.

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Written By: Rampart Stonebridge

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