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By Rampart Stonebridge, updated on March 14, 2024

FBI Arrests Suspected Mexican Assassin At Border

In a dramatic operation that echoes the darkest narratives of crime thrillers, a brutal assassin has been apprehended.

The capture of Michelle Angelica Pineda, known as "La Chely," at a motel in El Paso, Texas, last month represents a notable victory for law enforcement against the persistent issue of cross-border crime and narcotics trafficking, as reported by Fox News.

Michelle Angelica Pineda, a Mexican national with a reputation for heinous acts of violence, was apprehended by a coalition of U.S. authorities, highlighting the severe implications of international crime that bridges the divide between the United States and Mexico.

Orchestrated by the FBI’s El Paso field office’s Street Gang Task Force alongside agents from the U.S. Border Patrol, Pineda's capture unfolds a chilling saga of murder and narcotics.

The Brutality of "La Chely"

Pineda's alleged crimes are not for the faint of heart, involving her participation in at least five documented homicides.

Her notoriety grew due to her extreme brutality, which included dismembering bodies and the gruesome placement of hearts in front of altars dedicated to "Santa Muerte," a figure venerated in some circles as the patron saint of the cartel world.

The link between Pineda and cartel activities was further underscored by the discovery of a “Santa Muerte” shrine within a Texas illegal immigrant stash house. This evidence not only highlights the ruthlessness of the operations she was associated with but also the sinister underbelly of cartel culture that esteems death.

A Cross-Border Nightmare Comes to an End

On February 15, the unraveling of "La Chely's" network began with the discovery of her illegal entry into the United States, establishing her as the leader of a drug-trafficking outfit tied to the "Artistas Assessino" gang.

This revelation set the stage for a carefully coordinated operation that would eventually lead to her arrest at a motel in El Paso, unveiling a cache of weapons and a variety of drugs indicative of her operations’ scope.

Following her arrest, Pineda was turned over to the Chihuahua State Police and the State Attorney General of Chihuahua, ensuring her crimes would face justice in Mexico.

This handover underscores the importance of international cooperation in tackling crimes that span borders, a sentiment echoed by John Morales, FBI El Paso's special agent in charge. Morales praised the collaboration that led to Pineda's deportation, emphasizing the significance of removing such a dangerous individual from society.

Unity Against Crime

At the time of the deportation, John Morales, the FBI El Paso Special Agent in Charge, emphasized the effective and rapid response of the agents and the importance of collaborative partnerships in achieving the goal of removing a dangerous criminal from the streets and transferring her into the custody of Mexican authorities for trial.

He underscored the critical role of cooperation across various sectors, including law enforcement, the private sector, and international agencies, in preventing individuals like Pineda from introducing violence and drugs into communities and harming society.

Why This Story Matters

The arrest of "La Chely" is more than just another notch on the belt of law enforcement; it is a stark reminder of the ongoing battle against organized crime and the complexities of policing a world where criminal networks span continents.

This story underscores the necessity for persistent vigilance, international collaboration, and community awareness in preventing the spread of violence and narcotics that threaten the fabric of our societies.


The recent arrest of Michelle Angelica Pineda, the Mexican cartel assassin known as "La Chely," ripped open the curtain on the dark intersection between brutality and faith perpetrated by criminal networks spanning Mexico and the United States.

Her apprehension, a coordinated effort blending American and Mexican law enforcement, capped a chilling career defined by ritualistic violence and Santa Muerte worship.

The sinister shrine and weapons cache discovered alongside this remorseless killer illuminated the terrifying, albeit often obscured, nexus where narcotics trafficking and acts of extreme barbarity collide. By dismantling her operation and facilitating her rendition to Mexican authorities, justice has finally closed in on a figure long thought invincible.

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Written By: Rampart Stonebridge

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