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Ex Ph.D. student poisoned baby and father

A Florida resident faces multiple charges for allegedly introducing a potentially harmful substance into a neighboring family's home, leading to serious health concerns.

Imagine settling into a new apartment only to be plagued by an inexplicable, pungent smell causing significant health issues. That's what Tampa resident Umar Abdullah and his family experienced. Just when things seemed hopeless, Abdullah took things into his own hands, capturing shocking evidence against his downstairs neighbor.

When Abdullah and his family first detected the mysterious smell, they sought to identify the source. The scent seemed to be originating from their water heater closet. Notably, the onset of this smell was followed by disturbing health symptoms: the family experienced nausea, headaches, and dizziness. Most distressingly, Abdullah's infant daughter showed signs of hair loss and consistently refused to eat, vomiting often.

Abdullah's hunch that someone might be meddling with his apartment led him to set up a hidden camera in June. The footage revealed Xuming Li, the family's downstairs neighbor, using a syringe to inject an unknown substance at the base of Abdullah's door.

What tests revealed about the mysterious substance

Early tests on the chemical unveiled the presence of opioids - methadone and hydrocodone. While awaiting a comprehensive toxicology report from the FBI, Abdullah expressed grave concerns about the long-term effects the chemicals might have, especially on his young daughter. Notably, the family's exposure to this substance also led to some alarming physical symptoms. Umar Abdullah and his wife noticed their hair thinning.

Fire rescue respondents who came to Abdullah's home for the first time also experienced skin irritation, underlining the potential danger the substance posed, Fox News reported.

On the subject of the hazardous chemical, Abdullah voiced hopes for the final test results, wishing that the chemical isn't as dangerous as initial tests suggest. He was quoted as saying, "Abdullah hopes that the final testing of the chemical comes back with different results, indicating that it's not hazardous."

The man behind the alleged attack

Xuming Li had a contentious relationship with Abdullah. Having lodged multiple noise complaints regarding Abdullah's apartment, Li had frequently reported these disturbances to the police, landlord, and homeowners' association (HOA).

Professionally, Li was a doctorate student in the chemistry department at the University of South Florida (USF) from 2018 to the summer of 2023. USF later revealed in a letter to Abdullah that Li admitted to using a campus chemistry lab to prepare the liquid he injected, USA Today reported.

In light of these allegations, Li faced a slew of charges, including three counts of battery for dispersing a chemical agent, possession of controlled substances, aggravated stalking, and battery on law enforcement due to the chemical agent. Despite the overwhelming evidence, Li pleaded not guilty to all charges. Xuming Li's attorney declined to comment on the charges.

The university's response and subsequent actions

Kevin Watler, the spokesperson for USF, emphasized the institution's rigorous safety measures, stating that the USF Department of Chemistry has safeguards in place to ensure all chemicals and materials are accounted for and used properly. Furthermore, it was clarified that the university's chemistry labs neither stock hydrocodone nor methadone.

Given the gravity of Li's actions and his use of university resources for malicious intent, USF took decisive action. Li was expelled on August 23, just a semester shy of completing his doctorate. A university spokesperson asserted their commitment to student safety, stating, "the safety and well-being of the USF community is our highest priority."

As the case unraveled, the homeowners' association filed a lawsuit to evict Li from his apartment. However, after his release from custody, Li returned briefly to his home before eventually vacating. The apartment is now listed for rent on Zillow.

Lessons to learn from this tragedy

Crimes, especially those perpetrated by individuals close to us, remind us to always be vigilant and proactive. Here are some lessons to consider:

  • Always trust your instincts: If something feels amiss, investigate.
  •  In the digital age, surveillance can be your ally: Security cameras can provide tangible evidence if suspicions arise.
  • Engage authorities early: Whether it's mysterious symptoms or neighborly disputes, alerting the relevant authorities can help resolve issues sooner.
  • Stay informed about the people in your immediate environment, especially if conflicts arise: It's essential to understand their backgrounds and potential motives.

It's crucial to remember that crime can happen to anyone. The victims should never be blamed, and instead, the focus should be on fostering safer communities and environments.

Why this story resonates with many

For most of us, home is a sanctuary. It's a place where we feel safe and protected from the dangers of the outside world. The Abdullah family's ordeal shatters this perception, showing that threats can sometimes come from those living right next door.

Furthermore, the story highlights the potential misuse of academic resources for malicious intent. Li's background as a doctorate student at a prestigious university shows that appearances can be deceiving.

Lastly, this incident underscores the importance of community. Neighbors, landlords, and community associations play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of residents. The tale of the Abdullah family is a poignant reminder of the need for vigilance, awareness, and unity within our neighborhoods.

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