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Dad Of NYC Baby Burned To Death Demands Reform

The tragic loss of 11-month-old Binyomin Kuravsky in a Brooklyn apartment has sent shockwaves through the community and beyond.

The death of Binyomin Kuravsky, caused by a malfunctioning radiator, has ignited a fervent call for reform in building safety and inspections.

Binyomin Kuravsky, barely a year old, succumbed to severe burns after a radiator malfunctioned in his family's East 14th Street apartment in Midwood, Brooklyn. This heart-wrenching incident occurred while the infant was asleep in his bedroom, with steam from the faulty radiator causing his fatal injuries.

A father's grief and call to action

Binyomin's father, Alexander Kuravsky, expressed his deep sorrow over the loss of his son. He emphasized the urgent need for comprehensive reform in how buildings are inspected and maintained, particularly focusing on radiator safety. Kuravsky's profound grief is accompanied by a strong desire to see change, ensuring that no other family endures such a devastating loss.

The New York City Buildings Department conducted a thorough investigation following the tragedy. They pinpointed a defective nipple connection on the radiator as the cause of the fatal steam discharge. The property's landlord, Ruvin Itskovich, subsequently faced six violations and potential penalties amounting to $62,500.

In the aftermath, the Kuravsky family relocated to stay with relatives, including Binyomin's mother, Bessie, and his twin sisters. The impact of this event extends beyond their immediate family, with the broader community rallying in support. A GoFundMe campaign raised over $58,000 to aid the family during this challenging time.

Legal ramifications and community response

The case has been scheduled for a hearing with an Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings judge on March 27. This legal proceeding may bring further clarity and perhaps justice in the wake of the tragedy. Additionally, City Councilwoman Farah Louis has announced plans to introduce new legislation specifically targeting radiator maintenance and inspection, a direct response to the incident that claimed young Binyomin's life.

Alexander Kuravsky, while grappling with his loss, has taken a proactive stance in advocating for change. He urges parents to treasure every moment with their children, a poignant reminder of the fragility of life.

Kuravsky, in reflecting on the tragic event, shared his thoughts:

I want people to understand that Binyomin Zachariah Kuravsky was a boy that did everything out of happiness... He wasn’t colicky, he never complained, he was a happy–go–a lucky, energetic, young boy with an incredible sense of humor.

Reflecting on a life lost too soon

"For some reason, God wanted him earlier." Alexander Kuravsky, in his reflection on the tragic loss of his son, conveyed a sense of acceptance mixed with profound sorrow. His statement underscores the incomprehensible nature of such a loss and the struggle to find meaning amid grief.

City Councilwoman Farah Louis spoke about the proposed legislation, highlighting the necessity of such measures. "This particular incident... sparked this conversation around making sure we’re putting in all of the regulations and safety measures." Louis's words indicate a commitment to legislative action that could prevent future tragedies of this nature.

The broader impact and future implications

The Kuravsky family's ordeal has highlighted the need for stricter building safety standards and the importance of community support in times of crisis. The overwhelming response to the GoFundMe campaign demonstrates the community's solidarity with the bereaved family.

As the legal proceedings against the landlord unfold, there is a growing public demand for accountability in building maintenance. This case is a stark reminder of the potential consequences of neglect and the importance of stringent safety standards.

Alexander Kuravsky's fervent call for reform resonates with many who have experienced or feared similar tragedies. His advocacy for change is a testament to his love for his son and his desire to protect other families from experiencing similar heartache.

Lessons to learn from this tragedy

In the wake of this heartbreaking incident, several lessons can be learned:

  1. Regular and thorough building inspections are crucial to ensure the safety of residents, especially in older buildings.
  2. To prevent such tragedies, landlords and property owners must be held accountable for maintaining and repairing all appliances, including radiators.
  3. Communities play a vital role in supporting families affected by the tragedy, as seen through the generous donations to the Kuravsky family.
  4. Legislative action, as proposed by City Councilwoman Farah Louis, is necessary to enforce stricter safety standards and prevent future incidents.

While these steps can help mitigate risks, it's important to remember that tragedies can occur despite precautions. We must never blame victims or their families for such unforeseen events.

Why this story matters

This story is a stark reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of vigilance in matters of building safety. It highlights the need for systemic change in how we approach building maintenance and safety inspections. The response to this tragedy, from the community's support to the proposed legislative reforms, demonstrates our collective responsibility to protect the most vulnerable. It also underscores the strength of a community in rallying around those in need, offering support and solidarity in the face of unimaginable loss.

As we reflect on this tragic event, it's vital to remember the lessons it teaches us and the importance of action to prevent future tragedies. The Kuravsky family's loss is a call to action for all of us, urging us to be more vigilant, proactive, and compassionate in our communities.


  • The tragic death of Binyomin Kuravsky, caused by a faulty radiator, has led to a call for reform in building inspections and maintenance.
  • Alexander Kuravsky, Binyomin's father, has become an advocate for safety reforms and encourages parents to cherish every moment with their children.
  • Legal action against the landlord and proposed legislative changes reflect a community and city's response to the tragedy.
  • The importance of community support in times of crisis is highlighted by the overwhelming response to the family's GoFundMe campaign.

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