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Couple arrested for murder of 67-year-old woman

A couple has been arrested for the brutal murder of a 67-year-old woman, who was found with her head wrapped in duct tape, stabbed with scissors, and chemically burned with salt.

The York Daily Record reported that the victim, Lourdes Ramos Baez, was discovered in her home earlier this month. The culprits behind this heinous act were none other than her own daughter, Johana Ramos, and son-in-law, William Emilio Torres Gautier. The couple has been charged with criminal homicide and criminal conspiracy to commit homicide, according to Northern York County Regional Police.

Daughter's Confession to a Friend

A friend of Johana Ramos contacted the police on June 16, reporting that Ramos had confessed to her involvement in the murder during a dinner conversation. According to the affidavit, Ramos revealed that her husband had called her into the bedroom, struggling with the duct tape and saying, "She just won't die."

"She just won't die," Torres Gautier told his wife.

Ramos admitted to attempting to wrap the duct tape around her mother's head but was unable to do so. When asked by her friend what she would tell the police if questioned, Ramos said, "I will just tell them I was afraid of him (Torres Gautier)."

Police Interview Reveals More Details

During an interview with law enforcement, Ramos shared more details about the horrifying incident. She told authorities that her husband had asked for her help because he couldn't find the duct tape. When she went upstairs, she found her mother lying on her stomach, with Torres Gautier holding her mother's arms behind him. Her mother's face was bloodied, but she was still breathing.

Ramos found the duct tape on a shelf in the bedroom. Torres Gautier held the victim's head up by her hair, and Ramos tried to wrap the tape around her mother's face and head but was unable to do so. Her husband then told her to leave.

On June 6, officers responded to a call from a neighbor who reported that Ramos had asked her to call the police. When officers arrived at the scene, they met with Torres Gautier and Ramos. Torres Gautier became verbally aggressive, demanding that the officers leave the property.

As the officers tried to enter the property, Torres Gautier pushed a section of fence at them, injuring one. He was taken into custody while fighting with the officers. After Ramos asked the police to check on her mother, they discovered the gruesome scene inside the home.

Gruesome Scene Uncovered

Inside the home, officers found Lourdes Ramos Baez's body lying face down underneath a pile of clothing and other items. Her eyes and face were covered with duct tape, coat hangers were wrapped around her neck, and she had been stabbed in the back with a pair of scissors. A white substance, which appeared to be salt, was poured over her body.

Ramos heard her husband and her mother screaming. She grabbed her children and took them outside. Her husband kept telling her that she could not come inside.

In a shocking revelation, Ramos told police that her husband had told her the night before that he was going to kill Lourdes Ramos Baez and take all of her money. The couple is now being held in York County Prison without bail.

  • A couple has been arrested for the brutal murder of a 67-year-old woman in Dover.
  • The victim's daughter confessed to a friend about her involvement in the crime.
  • The daughter revealed more details during a police interview, including her husband's premeditated plan to kill her mother.
  • Police discovered a gruesome scene at the victim's home, with the victim's body found under a pile of clothing, her head wrapped in duct tape, and a white substance, likely salt, poured over her body.

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