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Convicted killer Danelo Vacalcante still on the run as manhunt is underway

Escaped prisoner Cavalcante remains elusive as sightings of him in Chester County increase, leaving the community on high alert.

Residents of Chester County are living on the edge as sightings of the escaped prisoner Cavalcante, multiply. The escapee, who broke out of Chester County Jail where he was serving a life sentence for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, has been seen numerous times since his escape on August 31, 2023.

Cavalcante’s freedom began with a well-orchestrated escape involving a series of remarkable maneuvers caught on surveillance footage. He was seen “crab-walking” between two walls before scaling a fence and jumping over razor wire. This Brazilian native is not only wanted for escaping prison but also has connections to a homicide case back in Brazil, dating back to 2017.

Timeline of the escapee’s movements post-breakout

Following the prison break, Cavalcante has reportedly been on the move constantly, evading law enforcement's every attempt to recapture him. His movements have been somewhat tracked thanks to various sightings reported by the local community and surveillance tools.

The first reported sighting was on September 2, 2023, at 1:43 AM, not too far from the Chester County Prison, in Pocopson Township. That morning, he was captured on a surveillance video sporting a white t-shirt, sneakers, and a backpack. Later the same day, a resident encountered Cavalcante in their home, where he managed to steal some food items before taking off, CBS Chicago reported.

Days after the escape, his presence continued to be felt in the area with various sightings including being caught by a trail camera hiking through the woods and being spotted in a creek bed near Chandler Road in the Pennsbury area. On September 7, a resident reported seeing him near Longwood Gardens, a sighting which caused the gardens to close prematurely as law enforcement agencies descended on the location to conduct a search.

Cavalcante’s alleged involvement in house burglary

While authorities are yet to catch up with him, Cavalcante’s sightings have spiked concerns in the area. The most recent sighting reported a possible involvement in a house burglary in Kennett Square on the morning of September 8, though details surrounding the event remain scant, Daily Mail reported.

Police have confirmed these sightings but have held back on providing intricate details to the public. Each day that passes with Cavalcante at large sees the apprehension in the community grow, with residents urged to remain indoors and to ensure their doors are locked at all times.

As a step to facilitate Cavalcante's capture, the reward money for information leading to his arrest has been raised to a substantial $20,000. This move comes as part of the efforts to encourage anyone with useful information to come forward and assist the authorities in apprehending the escapee.

Why the Cavalcante case grips the nation

Since his breakout from the Chester County Jail, Cavalcante’s case has attracted wide media coverage, with the public both intrigued and horrified by the series of events unfolding daily. It is not every day that an individual serving a life sentence manages to escape prison, and certainly not with such theatrical prowess demonstrated in the surveillance footage of Cavalcante’s escape.

The nationwide concern also stems from his criminal background, not only locally but internationally with a connection to a homicide case in Brazil. His ability to remain elusive, coupled with an alleged involvement in serious crimes, presents a severe safety concern for the public, not just in Chester County but potentially far beyond.

Moreover, the series of sightings and the apparent closeness to the community — being spotted in creek beds and hiking through the woods — create a sense of urgency and a vivid depiction of a criminal weaving his way through the very fabric of the community. The situation has become a living narrative, a true crime unfolding in real time, affecting real people, and stirring real emotions across the nation.

Lessons to learn from this tragedy

As we continue to witness the developments in the Cavalcante case, it is crucial for everyone to remain vigilant and prioritize personal safety. While we can never wholly prevent crimes from occurring, we can take certain steps to protect ourselves.

  • Be careful: Always lock your doors and windows, whether you are home or not.
  • Call the police: If you see something suspicious, report it to the authorities immediately.
  • Equip yourself: Equip your home with a security system to monitor unusual activities around your vicinity.
  • Stay in the know: Stay informed about what is happening in your neighborhood through community meetings or online platforms.

Remember, it is essential not to blame victims of crime, as it can happen to anyone despite taking precautions. The most important thing is to learn from each situation and use that knowledge to better protect ourselves and our communities in the future.

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