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By Rampart Stonebridge, updated on March 22, 2024

Christine Quinn’s Husband Arrested For Violating Restraining Order

The Daily Mail reported that Christian Richard, a retired tech entrepreneur, was subject to legal action twice in 48 hours, marking a startling sequence of events.

A domestic dispute escalated to physical violence and subsequent legal consequences, highlighting issues far beyond the confines of a troubled marriage.

A Tumultuous Turn for Christian Richard and Christine Quinn

Christian Richard's initial arrest took place on a Tuesday, igniting the fuse on a situation that would unravel over the following days. As per reports, Richard's attempt to assault his wife, Christine Quinn, with a bag containing a glass bottle veered off its tragic course, striking their two-year-old son instead.

The incident necessitated medical intervention, with the child being rushed to the hospital and escorted by an undoubtedly distressed Quinn.

The ramifications of this initial outburst were swift. Richard, with his net worth positioned at a comfortable $20 million, managed to post a bond set at $30,000 following his arrest for assault with a deadly weapon. Meanwhile, Quinn, aggrieved and taking action, secured an emergency protective order against Richard after the attack.

The Cycle of Arrests

However, the lapse in judgment that led to Richard's initial arrest foreshadowed a repeat of poor decisions. The retired entrepreneur was arrested again on a Wednesday evening, seemingly undeterred by the legal boundaries now set against him.

This arrest was predicated on his violation of the restraining order, having returned to the Hollywood Hills home he shared with Quinn, who by this time had sought refuge in a "safe location" with their son.

Between these two arrests, the LAPD searched the couple's lavish estate on Wednesday during daylight hours. Interestingly, This procedural check turned up no issues and did little to prevent the ensuing night's events, leading to Richard's second confrontation with the law.

The gravity of the situation is painted in stark imagery - Richard being led away in handcuffs, attire reduced to a bathrobe, a visual representation of a life in disarray. However, this image is a facet of a broader narrative encompassing wealth, status, and the ill effects of domestic turmoil.

The Public Eye

Indeed, Christian Richard's and Christine Quinn's lives have been nothing if not public. Quinn, whose professional ventures include a stint on the reality show Selling Sunset, boasts a net worth of $2 million.

Her departure from the show at the end of its fifth season was marked by comments from Jason Oppenheim, suggesting a need for a fresh dynamic away from the "tired" ongoing storylines.

The couple's union in December 2019, encapsulated in a gothic winter wonderland-themed wedding, now starkly juxtaposed to their current strife. Quinn's reflection on their marriage and wedding, once filled with bold declarations of love and individuality, now reads with poignant irony amidst their legal and personal battles.

Why This Story Matters

The unfolding drama between Richard and Quinn underscores a vital societal issue - the intersection of personal turmoil and public interest. Far from just another high-profile dispute, this incident mirrors the complexities of relationships, the pressures of public life, and the legal avenues available in times of crisis. It invites a discourse on the handling of domestic disputes, the mechanisms in place for protection, and the role of the public and media in processing such events.


Retired tech entrepreneur Christian Richard recently faced legal issues twice within a short span due to a domestic conflict that escalated into physical violence. The situation worsened when Richard allegedly attempted to assault his wife, Christine Quinn, with a bag holding a glass bottle, accidentally injuring their two-year-old son in the process. The child needed medical care following the incident.

Richard was arrested for using a deadly weapon in the assault and released on a $30,000 bond. Quinn, famed for her role in a reality TV show, secured an emergency protective order against him. Ignoring this order, Richard was arrested again after he returned to their home looking disheveled.

These events highlighted a troubling period for the couple, usually known for their lavish lifestyle, and shed light on how wealth and status intersect with domestic issues.

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