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Chinese police raid Christian worship service

In a startling display of state power, Chinese authorities have intensified their clampdown on religious freedom.

In Sichuan Province, a Christian church service was abruptly disrupted by a police raid, resulting in the detention of 13 worshippers, including key church leaders.

The incident occurred on November 9 at the Good Land Mission Center in Dazhou, associated with the Chengdu Early Rain Covenant Church. Over 10 police and government agents stormed into the middle of the worship service, arresting those present. Among the detained were Elder Li Yingqiang, Pastor Dai Zhichao, and Hou Duoshu, the leader of the Dazhou center.

Religious freedom under threat

Following the raid, Pastor Dai and two others were released, but Elder Li Yingqiang and Hou Duoshu remain in custody. The prolonged detention of these individuals, especially considering Hou's previous decade-long imprisonment for his involvement in the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, raises significant concerns about religious freedom in China.

The Dazhou Center, known for its affiliation with the Chengdu church, has not been a stranger to such harassment. It has faced numerous raids and disruptions by authorities in the past, highlighting the ongoing struggles faced by independent Christian communities in China.

The recent crackdown aligns with the Chinese government's larger agenda. In October 2022, a new "Patriotic Education Law" was passed, mandating religious groups to promote Communist Party ideologies. This law is a part of President Xi Jinping's broader "Sinicization" initiative, aimed at aligning all religious activities with State Socialism and the Communist Party's principles.

Church Raid Amidst New Legal Pressures

One of the key features of the new law is its emphasis on patriotic education within religious communities. It stipulates that religious groups and their activities should bolster the identification of their members with the nation, the Chinese culture, and the Communist Party's ideologies. This legislative move has been viewed by many as an attempt to exert greater control over religious practices in China.

According to an "education law" passed in 2022:

The state is to guide and support religious groups, religious institutes, and religious activity sites in carrying out patriotic education activities, enhancing religious professionals’ and believers’ identification with the great motherland, the Chinese people, Chinese culture, the Chinese Communist Party, and socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Such legal provisions have been met with resistance and concern from religious communities, who see this as an infringement on their freedom to practice religion without state interference. The raid on the Good Land Mission Center can be seen as a direct consequence of these tightening laws.

Impact on the Christian community

The Dazhou raid is not an isolated event but part of a broader pattern of religious suppression in China. Independent Christian churches, in particular, have found themselves increasingly targeted by the state. The actions taken against the Good Land Mission Center reflect a larger struggle for religious freedom in a country where state policies are progressively encroaching on personal faith.

This raid and the ongoing detentions have caused alarm among international human rights groups. They view these actions as indicative of China's disregard for religious liberty and the rights of its citizens to freely practice their faith.

Moreover, the personal histories of those detained, like Hou Duoshu's previous imprisonment, add layers of complexity to the narrative, intertwining the current crackdown with China's historical approach to dissent and nonconformity.

Why this story matters

The significance of this story lies in its implications for the fundamental human right of religious freedom. It highlights the increasing challenges faced by religious communities in China, particularly under the current regime's policies. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing struggles for religious and personal freedoms in many parts of the world.

Understanding such incidents is crucial for the global community. It emphasizes the importance of vigilance and advocacy for human rights, and the need to support those who are oppressed for their beliefs. The story of the Dazhou raid is not just about a local event; it's a window into the larger issue of state control over personal faith and the resilience of communities in the face of such challenges.

Lessons to learn from this tragedy

1. Awareness: It's essential to be aware of the political and social climate in which religious practices are conducted, especially in regions known for government interference in religious matters.

2. Solidarity: Supporting and standing in solidarity with those who face persecution for their beliefs can make

a significant difference. International attention and pressure can often help in advocating for the rights of those oppressed.

3. Advocacy: Engaging in active advocacy and human rights campaigns can bring global attention to these issues, potentially leading to changes in policy or relief for those affected.

4. Preparedness: While we should never blame victims for crimes committed against them, understanding the risks and being prepared for potential challenges can be crucial for religious communities. It's important to remember that despite all precautions, crime can happen to anyone.

In conclusion, the raid on the Good Land Mission Center in Dazhou sheds light on the ongoing struggle for religious freedom in China. This event is a critical reminder of the complexities surrounding religious practices under restrictive regimes. The key aspects of this story are:

  • A raid on a Christian church service in Dazhou led to the arrest of 13 people, including church leaders.
  • The raid was part of China's broader crackdown on independent Christian churches.
  • The new "Patriotic Education Law" requires religious groups to promote Communist Party ideology.
  • International concern has been raised over the suppression of religious freedom in China.
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