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Philanthropist Cherry Starr Found Dead At 89

The serene town of Birmingham, Alabama, was struck with melancholy upon the news that the beloved wife of NFL legend Bart Starr took her last breath at 89.

Philanthropist Cherry Starr succumbed to her fight with cancer at her home, leaving behind a legacy of kindness and charity that transformed countless lives.

Cherry was a stalwart in her own right, having fought various forms of cancer over the years. Her journey was incredible strength, underscored by a lifelong partnership with Bart Starr that spanned over six decades—a testament to enduring love and companionship.

Their story began in the hallways of their high school, blossoming into a relationship that would become a bedrock of support for each other and the broader community they cherished.

Their marriage, filled with shared passions and mutual respect, was a partnership that saw both the brightest and darkest of days. Together, they navigated the highs of Bart's illustrious career with the Green Bay Packers and the lows of their personal life, including the tragic loss of their son Bret in 1988.

Their commitment to each other never wavered through it all, serving as a beacon of hope and strength for many.

Cherry Starr's Philanthropic Endeavors: A Lasting Legacy

In the wake of their son's untimely death, Cherry and Bart Starr channeled their grief into a force for good, establishing the Starr Children's Fund. This initiative, dedicated to financing childhood cancer research, stands as a lasting testament to their son's memory and their commitment to combating the very disease that had touched their family personally.

Cherry's involvement with the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation's Golf Classic for 44 years, alongside Bart, further showcased her unwavering dedication to the cause.

Her philanthropy did not end with her husband's passing in 2019. Cherry continued the tradition of collecting autographed helmets from NFL quarterbacks for auction—each helmet a symbol of hope during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Her actions spoke volumes of her character; even in her absence, these efforts persist, inspiring ongoing support for children battling cancer.

Cherry's final visit to Green Bay in 2022 was not just a trip down memory lane but a poignant reminder of the love she had for the city. Her son, Bart Starr Jr., reminisced about her fondness for Green Bay, noting it as her favorite destination, surpassing even the allure of exotic locations.

Her connection to Green Bay was profound, deeply intertwined with the memories of triumphs and tribulations shared with her husband and the Packers community.

The Fight Continues: Remembering Cherry Through Action

Survived by her son, Bart Starr Jr., three grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren, Cherry's legacy is not only carried on through her family but also the continued work of the Starr Children's Fund. Though marked by challenges, her life exemplified the power of resilience, love, and philanthropy. As the community mourns her loss, they also celebrate the indelible mark she left on the world.

"She had been battling 'various forms of cancer for many, many years,’" her son, Bart Starr, Jr., recounted, highlighting the sheer determination with which Cherry faced her illness. The Starr Children's Fund obituary remembered her as "a figurative mother to many more," a tribute to her nurturing spirit and her impact beyond her immediate family.

Andrew Brandt, a former Packers vice president of player personnel, remembered Cherry as "just the sweetest presence ever when she came through our offices," encapsulating the warmth and kindness she exuded. These testaments to her character underscore the profound loss felt by many, a testament to the lives she touched throughout her philanthropic efforts.

Lessons to learn from this tragedy

In reflecting upon Cherry Starr's life and her battle with cancer, there are poignant lessons to be gleaned:

  1. Resilience in the face of adversity is a powerful force. Despite her prolonged battle with cancer, Cherry remained committed to her philanthropic work, demonstrating that we can choose to create positive impacts, irrespective of our circumstances.
  2. The importance of legacy. Through the Starr Children's Fund and other charitable works, Cherry and Bart Starr have shown that our actions can continue to benefit others long after we are gone.
  3. Community and support matter. The collective efforts of the Green Bay community and the broader NFL family in supporting the Starrs' endeavors underscore the importance of coming together to support causes greater than ourselves. While these tips highlight ways to potentially mitigate some aspects of tragedy, it remains vital to remember that we should never blame victims for circumstances beyond their control.

Why this story matters

The story of Cherry Starr is not just a narrative of loss but a beacon of hope and a call to action. Her life's work serves as a reminder of the impact one person can have on the lives of many. In our fast-paced world, Cherry's dedication to philanthropy and her community stands out as a testament to the power of compassion and perseverance. As we remember her, let us carry forward the legacy of kindness that she epitomized, reinforcing the belief that together, we can make a difference in the world.


Cherry Starr, the wife of NFL legend Bart Starr, passed away at 89 after a long battle with cancer, leaving a profound legacy of philanthropy and kindness. Married for over six decades, Cherry and Bart's relationship was a testament to enduring love and mutual support, marked by both personal triumphs and tragedies, including the loss of their son Bret in 1988.

Throughout her life, Cherry was a beacon of hope and strength, deeply involved in charitable work, notably with the Starr Children's Fund aimed at childhood cancer research and her long-standing participation in the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation's Golf Classic.

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