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 October 6, 2023

Charles Manson lawyer and his wife found dead

A renowned attorney involved in the Manson murder trial and his wife tragically lost their lives in what appears to be a murder-suicide in their Long Beach residence.

On Wednesday 4th October 2023, Long Beach was rocked by a devastating incident. Authorities arrived at the Naples residence of Lawrence Eric Taylor, 81, and his wife Judy Strother Taylor, 75, following a welfare check after they stopped responding to phone calls and front door visits.

Emergency medical personnel from the Long Beach Fire Department also responded to the scene. The couple's demise has left many in shock, especially given their well-respected histories and the significant contributions they made in their respective fields.

Who were Lawrence and Judy Taylor?

Lawrence Taylor was notably recognized by his peers, being voted a 'Super Lawyer' for 11 out of the 13 years he practiced law in Southern California, as reported by Daily Mail

He set up his legal firm after a notable tenure serving as the trial judge's legal advisor in the infamous Charles Manson trial. Taylor's involvement in high-profile cases didn't end there.

He also played a pivotal role as the Supreme Court counsel in the Onion Field murder case and was later retained by the Attorney General of Montana to conduct a one-year grand jury probe into governmental corruption.

On the other hand, Judy Taylor carved her niche with her incredible kindness. She worked for more than two decades as a youth mentor and within the juvenile justice system.

Her passion for mentoring led her to collaborate with Mentor Management Systems President Jerry Sherk, introducing an employee-to-employee mentoring initiative to the US Air Force's Space and Missile Systems Centers located in various states.

Details of the tragic incident

Authorities are still piecing together the events leading up to the discovery of the couple. The initial alarm was raised after the Taylors became unresponsive, not answering calls or the door. Upon arriving at the scene, the Long Beach Police Department found the couple deceased.

Judy's death was ruled as a murder by the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner's Office, citing 'gunshot wounds to the head'.

Lawrence's death was determined as a suicide. Both of them suffered gunshot wounds to their upper bodies. A firearm was found at the scene, MSN reported.

As investigations continue, the authorities are urging anyone with valuable information regarding this incident to step forward.

The Long Beach Police Department's detectives, Ethan Shearer and Eric Thai, are the primary contacts for any leads or information.

Lessons to learn from this tragedy

  • Always stay connected:Regularly check on loved ones, especially if they suddenly become distant or unresponsive. Open communication can sometimes be a lifesaver.
  • Mental health matters:Awareness and dialogue about mental health issues should be encouraged. Seeking professional help when necessary is crucial.
  • Safe storage of firearms:If firearms are present at home, ensure they are securely stored and out of reach.
  • Be observant: Pay attention to any drastic behavioral changes in those around you and take them seriously.

Why does this story resonate?

Tragedies like these, especially involving prominent figures, send shockwaves throughout communities. The Taylors were not just figures in the public eye but were also valuable contributors to society.

Lawrence's dedication to justice and Judy's passion for mentoring are testaments to their character.

Additionally, the nature of the incident, an apparent murder-suicide, is deeply unsettling and brings to light the complexities of human relationships and the private struggles individuals might be facing, regardless of their public image.

Lastly, the incident serves as a grim reminder that mental health struggles, relationship issues, and personal battles are faced by everyone, irrespective of their societal stature or achievements.

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