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Broken window has Texas man hunting down ex-girlfriend

Allen Dale Edwards, 44, will spend the next 46 years behind bars for the murder of his ex-wife and the brutal attack on her partner.

In what appears to be the climax of a tumultuous and acrimonious relationship, Allen Dale Edwards has been handed a 46-year prison term for the murder of Keyanna Gardiner, his 29-year-old ex-wife, and the violent assault on her girlfriend, Samone Massey.

The heated custody battle over their young children, aged 3 and 5, had created long-standing tensions, erupting into violence in March 2016.

Gardiner had a history of legal issues herself, including a dismissed charge of trespassing and a no-contest plea to misdemeanor theft, which led to her serving probation. Edwards, with a past peppered by drug possession charges, became the pursuer in a high-speed chase after a window at his residence was broken by Massey.

The pursuit ended with Gardiner's life being taken, and Massey being struck with such force that she required reconstructive surgery to mend her injuries.

A fatal chase after a shattered window

Details of the night in question tell a story of vengeance and uncontrolled rage. After Massey damaged Edwards' window amid a fiery exchange of texts and calls, Edwards chased the pair down the highway. His relentless pursuit ended in gunfire that fatally wounded Gardiner and caused their vehicle to veer off the road.

Even after causing a fatal crash, Edwards' fury did not abate, as he physically assaulted Massey to the point of her needing extensive facial reconstruction. In a subsequent trial fraught with delays, Edwards maintained his innocence but was ultimately convicted by a jury.

Despite the conviction, Edwards sought to overturn the jury's decision, filing an appeal just days later, Fox News reported.

Victims and prosecution speak out

District Attorney Kim Ogg remarked on the case, emphasizing the extreme and often fatal escalation of domestic violence. "Domestic violence can take a lot of different forms, but too often we see it escalate into murder," she stated.

"He took matters into his own hands," Assistant District Attorney Ashlea Sheridan said in court. "He admitted that he was chasing them down, and he should have just let law enforcement handle it."

Samone Massey, reflecting on the person Keyanna Gardiner was, shared her grief and resolution to oppose any potential early release for Edwards. "Keyanna was actually a wonderful person, a smart, caring, loving person," Massey said. "

She just wanted to live her life outside of that situation. She just wanted to be able to live a normal life like everyone else. That's what she was trying to do, get out of that."

Why this story matters

The chilling details of this case underline the critical nature of addressing domestic violence and the potential for it to end in tragedy. It underscores the importance of legal and community support systems for those caught in the throes of volatile relationships.

Highlighting this case also serves as a potent reminder of the devastating consequences that can ensue from letting anger and revenge dictate actions.

In the broader context, it warns of the fatal potential of domestic disputes and the importance of early intervention.

Lessons to learn from this tragedy

This horrific incident is a stark lesson in the unpredictable nature of domestic conflict. While this case's details are specific, the underlying issues of custody disputes, harassment, and domestic violence are far from uncommon. Here are a few takeaways:

  • Recognize the warning signs of escalating domestic conflict and seek intervention.
  • Document any instances of harassment and report them to the authorities.
  • Engage in legal custody battles through the proper channels and avoid confrontational encounters.
  • Seek support from local domestic violence resources to navigate complex and potentially dangerous situations.


  • Allen Dale Edwards was sentenced to 46 years for the murder of Keyanna Gardiner and assault on Samone Massey.
  • A history of domestic conflict and legal troubles foreshadowed the tragic events of March 2016.
  • Edwards will be eligible for parole after serving half his sentence, a possibility that Massey adamantly opposes.
  • The community is reminded of the lethal potential domestic violence holds and the importance of addressing it promptly.

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