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25-year-old man charged in South Carolina - Missing 56-year-old amputee dead

A shocking crime scene unfolds in South Carolina as the remains of a missing 56-year-old amputee are found inside a floating barrel, leading to the arrest of a 25-year-old man.

The serene setting of Lake Thicketty in Gaffney, South Carolina, was disrupted by a chilling discovery. The remains of Jeffrey Sutphin, a 56-year-old amputee, were found stuffed inside a barrel floating on the lake. Sutphin had been missing for over two weeks before this gruesome discovery was made.

Cherokee County Coroner Dennis Fowler stated:

"Deputies found the barrel near the shore and upon opening it found human remains. It appears the body had been in the container for a number of days."

Investigation Leads to Arrest

Upon analyzing the corpse, a coroner confirmed it had been locked away for 'a number' of days. The body was identified as Sutphin, a Cherokee resident who was missing his right leg and used a prosthetic. The investigation led to the arrest of Eric Shawn Fetzer, 25, who was charged with destruction, desecration, or removal of human remains.

The Daily Mail reported, law enforcement in rural Cherokee County made the discovery around 1:45pm ET on Thursday. They had been summoned to the 100-acre lake and were met with a disturbing sight. A 42-gallon vat was found floating near the shore, and upon opening it, they discovered the body of Sutphin.

Officials believe Sutphin was likely killed somewhere in neighboring Spartanburg County. The case was transferred to the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office.

Anticipation of Additional Arrests

Investigating deputies anticipate additional arrests in the coming days. Before Fetzer's arrest, Cherokee Sheriff Steve Mueller described his department's ongoing effort to help Spartanburg County deputies find the perpetrator or perpetrators responsible.

Sheriff Steve Mueller said:

"We've still got about four investigators out working, as we speak, running down some leads and some information on this case. It's part of an ongoing investigation that led us to that area to search and look for human remains."

Officials have not released any other details surrounding his disappearance nor the ongoing investigation, or whether his death is being treated as a homicide.

Unsolved Mystery: Sutphin's Disappearance

Sutphin, who had a prosthetic right leg, was last seen in early June wearing a blue short sleeve shirt, blue jeans, black shoes, and a green ball cap while leaving a business in Chesnee, which is set in both counties. A massive search had been in effect since he was reported missing on June 15.

The car Sutphin had been driving when he was last seen, a gold 2006 Jeep Liberty, has yet to be recovered. As of Sunday, the officers' investigation is still ongoing.

This shocking crime has left the community in disbelief, and the ongoing investigation continues to uncover more details about this horrifying incident.

Community in Shock

The small-town community of Gaffney is reeling from the shock of this gruesome discovery. The peaceful tranquility of Lake Thicketty has been shattered, and residents are left questioning their safety. The case has drawn national attention, with true crime enthusiasts following the developments closely.

As the investigation unfolds, the community hopes for justice for Jeffrey Sutphin. The arrest of Eric Shawn Fetzer is just the beginning, as officials anticipate more arrests in the coming days.

Despite the arrest, many questions remain unanswered. The circumstances surrounding Sutphin's disappearance and death are still largely unknown, and the motive behind this horrifying act is yet to be uncovered.

Justice for Jeffrey Sutphin

The shocking discovery of Jeffrey Sutphin's remains has left a lasting impact on the community. The search for answers continues, and the pursuit of justice remains the primary focus of law enforcement.

As the investigation progresses, the community and the nation watch with bated breath. The hope is that the truth will be revealed, and justice will be served for Jeffrey Sutphin.

As the story continues to unfold, we are reminded of the fragility of life and the importance of community vigilance. The shocking incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of public safety and the role of law enforcement in maintaining peace and order.


  • The remains of 56-year-old amputee Jeffrey Sutphin were found inside a barrel floating on Lake Thicketty in Gaffney, South Carolina.
  • Eric Shawn Fetzer, 25, has been charged with destruction, desecration, or removal of human remains.
  • Officials anticipate additional arrests in the coming days.
  • Sutphin was last seen in early June, and his car, a gold 2006 Jeep Liberty, has yet to be recovered.
  • The investigation is ongoing, and the motive behind this horrifying act is yet to be uncovered.

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