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80’s Rock And Roll Legend Chief Suspect In Murder

A shocking turn of events has engulfed the music world and the quiet community of Santa Cruz.

The former musician of the cult band Mr. Bungle, Theobald Brooks Lengyel, is accused of the heinous murder of his girlfriend, Alice 'Alyx' Kamakaokalani Herrmann.

Theobald Brooks Lengyel, 54, once a celebrated saxophonist with the 1980s California-based band Mr. Bungle, now finds himself at the center of a murder investigation. The victim, his girlfriend, Alice 'Alyx' Kamakaokalani Herrmann, 61, was last seen alive on December 3rd in Santa Cruz, her disappearance sparking a widespread search.

An unexpected downfall

Known in the music world as 'Theo,' Lengyel's career with Mr. Bungle ended in 1999 following creative disagreements. His post-music life remained largely out of the public eye until this tragic incident.

Herrmann's family reported her missing on December 12th after a worrying week without contact. The discovery of her vehicle outside Lengyel's El Cerrito home raised initial suspicions.

Lengyel, who also goes by 'Mylo Stone,' traveled to Portland, Oregon, following Herrmann's disappearance, which further intrigued investigators. Both his and Herrmann's vehicles were impounded for forensic analysis.

Discovery in Tilden Regional Park

It was in the serene setting of Tilden Regional Park in Berkley where the grim discovery of Herrmann's remains was made. This finding escalated the search to a homicide investigation.

Lengyel, described as a 5-foot 10-inch, 170-pound man, was arrested in Santa Cruz County without incident by deputies from the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office and Detective Currier of the Capitola Police Department.

The investigation, involving multiple law enforcement agencies, focused on piecing together the events leading to Herrmann's disappearance and subsequent death.

A spokesperson from the police department said:

Detectives from the Capitola Police Department gathered evidence, conducted interviews, and collaborated with partner agencies to piece together the circumstances surrounding Alice Kamakaokalani's disappearance. As the investigation progressed, it became clear that foul play was involved, leading to the identification of Theobald Lengyel as a suspect.

Community in mourning

Herrmann, a Pacific Islander woman standing 5-foot 4-inches tall, was known for her connection to her red 2007 Toyota Highlander SUV. Her absence has left a void in the hearts of those who knew her.

Lengyel's arrest brought mixed reactions from the community and those who remembered him from his days in Mr. Bungle. Trevor Dunn, the band's bassist, recalled Lengyel's departure from the band due to creative differences.

"We extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the victim during this difficult time," expressed the law enforcement agencies involved in the case, signifying the tragic nature of this event.

Impact on the music community

Mr. Bungle, known for his eclectic and avant-garde approach to music, saw Lengyel as a founding member. His departure from the band in 1999 marked the end of his public music career.

Trevor Dunn, Mr. Bungle's bassist, commented on Lengyel's departure from the band, indicating a strained relationship post-exit. This part of Lengyel's past has resurfaced in light of the current investigation.

The music community, particularly those who followed Mr. Bungle, have expressed shock and dismay at the news, reflecting on the unpredictability of human nature.

Lessons to learn from this tragedy

In the wake of this tragic event, there are important lessons and safety tips to consider:

  1. Always stay in touch with loved ones, especially when traveling or going out. Regular communication can be crucial in alerting others to potential dangers.
  2. Be aware of your surroundings and the people in your life. If you notice any sudden changes in behavior or unexplained absences, it's important to take note.
  3. Trust your instincts. If something feels off in a relationship or encounter, it's important to pay attention to that feeling.
  4. Remember, while precautions can be taken, crime can strike anyone, anywhere. It's crucial to never blame the victim for the tragedy that befalls them.

It's vital to remember that, despite taking these precautions, crime can happen to anyone, and victims should never be blamed for the unfortunate circumstances they find themselves in.

Why this story matters

This story is significant for several reasons. It reminds us of the often hidden struggles and potential dangers that can exist even in seemingly peaceful communities. It highlights the importance of being vigilant and aware of one's surroundings and relationships. The involvement of a once-prominent figure in the music industry also sheds light on the unpredictable nature of life after fame. Lastly, it emphasizes the importance of community awareness and support in times of tragedy.

This case reiterates the complexity and unpredictability of human relationships and the sad reality of how quickly situations can turn tragic. The community mourns the loss of Alice Kamakaokalani Herrmann and awaits further developments in the case against Theobald Brooks Lengyel.

  • Theobald Brooks Lengyel, the former member of Mr. Bungle, is accused of murdering his girlfriend, Alice 'Alyx' Kamakaokalani Herrmann.
  • Herrmann's remains were found in Tilden Regional Park in Berkley.
  • Lengyel, known as 'Theo' and 'Mylo Stone,' was arrested in Santa Cruz County.
  • The investigation involved multiple law enforcement agencies, leading to Lengyel's identification as the prime suspect.


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