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25 Year Old Drunk Driver Smashed Into Family’s Car And Kills 5-Year Old

In a heart-wrenching incident last Sunday, a family’s world was shattered when their car was hit by an alleged drunk driver in Kearns, resulting in the death of a 5-year-old girl. This tragedy has sent ripples of sorrow and outrage throughout the community.

A young life was tragically cut short in Kearns last Sunday when Charmayne Huerta-Guzman, allegedly intoxicated, crashed into the Lilic family's car, critically injuring 5-year-old Lennyn Lilic and her family.

The catastrophic moment on South Westsam's Boulevard

The Lilic family was traveling on South Westsam's Boulevard around 1 pm when their lives took a tragic turn. Charmayne Huerta-Guzman, driving at more than double the speed limit, slammed into their vehicle. The impact was devastating, leading to severe injuries for the family.

Five-year-old Lennyn Lilic suffered the most grievous injuries. The young girl sustained skull fractures, a broken spine and neck, and traumatic brain bleeds. Despite the best efforts of medical professionals, Lennyn's injuries were too severe, and she was taken off life support days later.

Lennyn’s father, Semir, and her brother, Emel, also sustained significant injuries. Semir suffered a dislocated shoulder and a broken leg, while Emel, only six years old, endured a broken nose, busted lips, and a sprained hip.

Drunk driving leads to a fatal outcome

Investigations revealed that Huerta-Guzman was driving under the influence, with a blood alcohol content of 0.24 – three times the legal limit. She has been charged with second-degree felony manslaughter among other charges. A witness reported seeing a man removing bottles of alcohol from Huerta-Guzman's car after the crash and hiding them, adding to the severity of the situation.

Charmayne Huerta-Guzman, 25, is currently being held without bail and is scheduled to appear in court on February 6. The community has been left in shock and disbelief at the recklessness displayed, leading to such a tragic outcome.

As the legal process unfolds, many are left pondering the senseless loss of a young life and the irreversible harm caused to the Lilic family.

Community rallies to support the Lilic family

In response to this tragedy, the community has come together to support the Lilic family. A fundraiser set up to cover Lennyn's funeral and family care costs has raised nearly $75,000, reflecting the community's compassion and solidarity.

Amel Kulovac, Lennyn's cousin, emphasized the significance of the support, "This is a very tragic and serious impact on the whole family. Your donation, no matter the amount, will make a significant impact on the Lilic Family!"

The generosity of the community serves as a beacon of hope in these dark times, providing some comfort to the bereaved family.

Reflections from a Grieving Father

Semir Lilic, in his moments of grief, expressed his feelings of helplessness during the crash. "If it was two seconds, maybe I could have done something different. But [Huerta-Guzman] came so fast, I couldn't do anything for my children and me." His words echo the pain of a father who faced a situation beyond his control.

"Maybe if I did something different that day. Tied my son's shoe two seconds more or my car 10 seconds or something. But nothing went different. Just end up being in the wrong spot at the wrong time," said Semir Lilic.

The anguish in Semir's words is palpable, reflecting the deep sorrow and the haunting ‘what-ifs’ that often accompany such tragic events.

Lessons to learn from this tragedy

In the wake of this heartrending incident, there are crucial lessons to be learned:

1. The perils of drunk driving cannot be overstated. Driving under the influence puts not only the driver's life at risk but also endangers innocent lives.

2. Speeding in residential areas can have disastrous consequences. Adhering to speed limits is essential for the safety of all.

3. The importance of community support in times of tragedy is invaluable. It provides comfort and aid to those who are suffering.

4. It's essential to remember that while precautions can be taken, crime and accidents can happen to anyone. We

should never blame the victims for the tragic circumstances that befall them.

Why this story matters

This story is a stark reminder of the consequences of reckless driving, particularly under the influence of alcohol. It highlights the fragility of life and the importance of making responsible choices. The impact of this tragedy on the Lilic family and the community serves as a call to action to prevent similar incidents in the future. It is a reminder of our collective responsibility to ensure safety on the roads for all.

In conclusion, this devastating event reiterates the need for strict adherence to road safety laws and the importance of community support in times of crisis. The lessons learned from this tragedy are critical in preventing future incidents and saving lives.

  • Charmayne Huerta-Guzman, charged with second-degree felony manslaughter, was allegedly driving drunk when she hit the Lilic family's car, killing 5-year-old Lennyn.
  • Lennyn's father, Semir, and brother, Emel, also suffered severe injuries in the crash.
  • The community has rallied to support the Lilic family, raising almost $75,000 for funeral and care costs.
  • Huerta-Guzman's court appearance is scheduled for February 6.

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