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2 17-Year-Old Students Stomp On Teen’s Head In Horrific Video

A scene of shocking violence unfolded at Martin van Buren High School in Queens, New York City, leaving the community in disbelief.

Two 17-year-old students were arrested after a brawl in which they were filmed stomping on a classmate's head, leading to serious criminal charges.

The harrowing incident began as a confrontation that quickly escalated into a violent melee. According to witness accounts, the situation turned dire when one of the participants, finding themselves on the losing end, resorted to using a knife. This led to two of the teenagers being stabbed, albeit sustaining non-life-threatening injuries, for which they received medical treatment at Long Island Jewish Medical Center.

Shocking school incident shatters the illusion of safety for youth

District Attorney Melinda Katz voiced the alarm felt by many, stating:

The brutality was chilling under any circumstance, but that it occurred in what parents should be able to assume is a safe place for their children is as unsettling as the violence captured on video.

The assailants, now facing up to 15 years in prison if convicted, were involved in a brutal act that was documented meticulously by social media.

The footage played a pivotal role in shaping the narrative, revealing four other attackers yet to be apprehended. The grim reality of the altercation and its consequences casts a long shadow over the school's reputation as a safe environment for students.

A voice of reason in the chaos

The aftermath of the brawl at Martin van Buren High School has prompted a sharp response from legal authorities and the community. The injured party, initially suspected of having stabbed the two boys, was vindicated through the emergent social media footage, leading to the dismissal of his arrest by the Queens District Attorney's Office.

The discovery of a 9mm semi-automatic Smith & Wesson pistol loaded with ammunition on one of the attackers adds a layer of gravity to the situation, signaling the potential for even more tragic outcomes. The school's response, a "soft lockdown" lifted by the afternoon, indicates institutions' challenges in managing and communicating during crises.

Charges laid against the teenagers encompass attempted gang assault, assault, and criminal possession of a weapon, with enhanced charges for bringing a weapon onto school grounds. Their court appearance, slated for February 8, is keenly awaited by a community seeking justice and answers. This case serves as a stern reminder of the consequences of violence, particularly in settings designed for learning and growth.

Lessons to learn from this tragedy

This harrowing story is a stark reminder of the unpredictability of crime and the importance of vigilance.

1. The significance of video evidence: In a world where virtually everyone carries a smartphone, the power of video evidence has never been more apparent. This incident underlines the crucial role that such evidence can play in clarifying the circumstances of a crime and exonerating the innocent.

2. Awareness in schools: Students and staff need to stay aware of their surroundings and report any suspicious behavior. Schools should be sanctuaries of safety; everyone plays a part in maintaining that standard.

3. Community engagement: This story highlights the importance of community involvement in discussions about safety in schools. Open dialogues between students, parents, educators, and local law enforcement can foster a proactive approach to preventing violence.

Remember, while these tips can help mitigate risks, crime can happen to anyone, and it's crucial not to blame the victims. Awareness and preparation can reduce risk, but they cannot eliminate it.

Why this story matters

This incident is a grave reminder of the violence that can erupt in places where we least expect it, shattering the perception of safety within educational institutions. It underscores the urgent need for comprehensive strategies to tackle violence in schools, involving stricter security measures, enhanced mental health support, and education on conflict resolution. The involvement of weapons in school environments further elevates the concern, demanding immediate attention from policymakers to ensure the safety of our children.

The story resonates beyond the borders of Queens, New York, serving as a cautionary tale for schools nationwide to reassess their security protocols and foster a culture of peace and respect among students.


  • Two teenagers were arrested for participating in a violent brawl at Martin van Buren High School, where they stomped on a classmate's head.
  • They face charges that could result in up to 15 years in prison if convicted.
  • The victim was initially suspected but later cleared of any wrongdoing with the help of social media video evidence.
  • A weapon was found on one of the attackers, raising serious concerns about school safety.
  • The incident led to a temporary lockdown of the school and has sparked a broader discussion on violence and safety in educational settings.

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