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Chilean Actor Dies Following Suspect Tinder Encounter

The unsettling demise of Chilean actor Alex Araya in Colombia raises serious crime concerns after a Tinder date tragedy.

The Daily Beast reported about the mysterious death of Alex Araya following a Tinder date with two women in Medellin, Colombia.

In early June 2024, the city of Medellin was cast into the spotlight not for its vibrant nightlife or scenic views but for a grim incident involving a visiting actor. Alex Araya, a renowned Chilean performer, traveled to Colombia for what would tragically be his last adventure.

Unbeknownst to Araya, a seemingly normal evening set in motion a series of events leading to his unexpected death. On the night of June 7, 2024, Araya met two women through the dating app Tinder, a meeting that started with promise and ended in peril.

After enjoying an evening out with these newfound acquaintances, Araya and the women returned to his Airbnb accommodation around 11:30 p.m., as confirmed by security footage. What transpired over the next several hours remains a subject of investigation.

Tragic Discovery Unravels A Mysterious Crime

About two hours after they arrived at the Airbnb, the women were seen leaving alone, as evidenced by security videos. The morning after, a cleaning staff member found Araya lifeless, marking the start of a complex criminal puzzle for local authorities.

Upon investigation, it was discovered that Araya was potentially drugged and robbed. Missing items included his cell phone and credit cards, which were later traced as they were used in subsequent illegal transactions for Uber rides and jewelry shopping.

Araya’s family, devastated by the loss, revealed suspicions that he might have been a victim of burundanga - a powerful sedative known to incapacitate its users, sometimes leading to death. Supporting these fears were the previous warnings from the U.S. State Department regarding the rising use of such drugs in Colombia to commit crimes.

Authorities Chase Leads and Suspects

Colombian police are currently pursuing leads to apprehend the women involved, believed to be part of a larger criminal ring targeting foreigners.

Araya’s brother, Eduardo, echoed this suspicion in a statement to La Tercera: "There are more people involved... they are part of a group that is dedicated to doing these types of things."

This fatal encounter places Araya among the alarmingly high number of foreigners who have faced similar fates in Medellin, making him the 29th foreigner to die under mysterious circumstances in the city within the year.

The community and authorities are on high alert as this incident underscores an ongoing issue in popular tourist destinations: the targeted drugging and robbing of unsuspecting visitors.

Lessons To Learn From This Tragedy

To mitigate risks and enhance personal safety, travelers are encouraged to absorb and apply the following tips:

  1. Exercise caution when using dating apps, especially in unfamiliar locations, and be mindful of the potential risks associated with meeting strangers.
  2. Stay informed about local crime trends and heed warnings from official sources, such as the U.S. State Department, regarding the use of incapacitating drugs in certain regions.
  3. When traveling, prioritize personal safety by sharing your whereabouts with trusted contacts, avoiding isolated or high-risk areas, and being cautious when accepting food or drinks from unknown individuals.

While these tips cannot guarantee absolute safety, they can significantly reduce risks. It’s crucial to remember that while being cautious, we must not blame victims for the crimes committed against them.

Why This Story Matters

The tragic death of Chilean actor Alex Araya in Medellin, Colombia, following a Tinder date with two women, highlights the growing concern over targeted crimes against tourists in popular destinations.

This incident sheds light on the alarming use of potent sedatives like burundanga to incapacitate and rob unsuspecting visitors, sometimes with fatal consequences. The fact that Araya is the 29th foreigner to die under mysterious circumstances in Medellin within a year underscores the urgency of addressing this issue and ensuring the safety of travelers.


The untimely demise of Alex Araya serves as a sobering reminder of the hidden dangers that can lurk behind seemingly innocent encounters, particularly for tourists in unfamiliar environments.

The use of dating apps like Tinder, while popular, can also expose individuals to potential threats, as evidenced by this tragic incident. As Colombian authorities work to unravel the mystery surrounding Araya's death and bring those responsible to justice, the international community must remain vigilant and informed about the risks associated with travel.

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